An IoT-based On-Demand Photographer Marketplace Development Scenario

Uber for X, on-demand business models, gig economy, or call it by any other name. These have sparked curiosity, owing to their profitable business model. Employment flexibility and payment ease have made it easier for the service providers to enroll themselves on such on-demand marketplaces.

In our scenario, our U.S.-based client realized the growing demand for the photographers in the vicinity and happened to read our resources on Uber Similar Applications. Having convinced about our expertise and services, he outsourced our on-demand photographer marketplace development services for launching his on-demand photography business.

As a result, he wanted to connect individuals seeking photography services to the photographers in their localities. Below we present our robust approach of doing justice to the application development challenges and emerging as the best software development company for our client.


Our client proposed a business idea, wherein he wanted to enable users to select the photographers of their choice from the on-demand photographer marketplace app. Once the photographer is booked for the scheduled date and time, all the related stakeholders receive the notifications regarding the same. Besides this, our client demanded that the photographers should be able to share the edited photos to the users post the payment is made.


  • Every project comes up with a unique set of challenges. When creating an on-demand photographer marketplace, wherein users can book photographers for events or special occasions, the app required to deal with large-sized images and media. We encountered the following challenges while developing the on-demand photographer marketplace:
  • To cope up with the Images Orientation: It turned out to be difficult to store and display the high-resolution images of the DSLR and SLR camera images clicked by the photographers.
  • To upload large-sized videos: Saving high-definition videos in low-memory devices was a major concern while developing an on-demand photographer marketplace.

Our approach

We developed an app that served the purpose of an on-demand photographer marketplace for customers to seek the right photographer.

The unique specialty of this app was the use of IoT. The SSID cards used in digital cameras of the photographers connected to the mobile application. This served as a pathway for the web portal’s server for the data synchronization & transfer of images.

As a result, the images were stored in the cloud. Hence, we overcame the fear of the potential loss of the images. Besides this, the IoT device with SIM card placed inside the digital camera helped connect with the users’ app. Once the editing of the photos and videos is done, the photographer can transfer the data to the user.

Project Features

This On-demand Photography App has two user-types: Customer and Photographer besides a web-portal for the Admin.
The app is synchronized with iPhone’s Calendar, PayPal, Gallery, and Maps so that all the user’s scheduled bookings can line up and display in the calendar. In addition, the photographers can look for the service premise using the app. Besides this, they can use the PayPal app for making monetary transactions.

Features of the On-demand Photographer Marketplace

For Users:

  • Search for photographers
  • Schedule photoshoots on specific dates and times prior to the event
  • Track the booked photographer’s location until he reaches the destination
  • Get photos edited from the platform after they have seen all the event photos and before ordering to get them developed
  • Get the chosen photos developed from the on-demand photography platform

For Photographers:

  • Accept/Reject photoshoot requests placed by customers
  • Find the photoshoot location on maps
  • Get photography tips from the on-demand photography platform

For Admin:

  • Verify registered photographers
  • Manage the base photo shoot fees and tax fees
  • Manage issues faced by customers & photographers
  • Manage refund policy

Business Benefits

  • This project was one of the rare implementations of the Uber for X model, and thus it attracted quick popularity.
  • Our client was easily able to accommodate both the stakeholders on the platform owing to its comprehensiveness.
  • Users loved this on-demand photography platform because they could review, approve, and get the clicked photos edited before getting them developed, before making the payment.
  • It was easy for Photographers to get found through this platform, and they also received client ratings for future referrals.

Industry Segment

Photography & Media

Company Profile

Leading Photo-editing Agency in California

Technology and Tools

Front-end: iOS (iPhone App)

Back-end: PHP- Symphony 4 (Website)

Database: MySQL

Server – Amazon AWS

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