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This On Demand Restaurant At Home Concept Will Change The Way You Dine

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Jennie’s thoughts from her diary: It was the 8th of March, Friday, my first wedding anniversary! I was waiting for my husband to [...]

Augmented Reality Trends in Healthcare Which Are Changing The Convention

By |2019-09-20T07:19:58+00:00June 14th, 2019|Categories: Business & Technology, Health and Fitness, Industry|Tags: , , , , , |

No one today is unfamiliar with Augmented Reality. Anyone that has either played the Pokemon Go game, experimented a cosmetic with the Loreal [...]

Master UI/UX sense with McDonald’s Cross-Cultural Web Design Guide

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You might have heard of personalized search options, personalized features for user’s privacy, personalized notifications or personalized chat options for the app users. [...]

8 New Social Media App Trends By The Creators Who Made Them

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The modulating phenomenon of the digital market is here to stay. What’s here today will be gone by tomorrow and what you are [...]

New Food Delivery App Concept That Literally Talks To You!

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You don’t have an only choice of pizza delivery anymore to get something to eat. A hell lot of food varieties can now [...]