Best Healthcare Software Development Services to Pave Way for Sustainability

We are trusted automation service providers for healthcare enterprises to connect the right technology in your business to enforce data integrity and workflow simplicity.

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Improve patient outcomes and reduce complexity by gravitating towards a systematic service ecosystem with TRooTech’s enterprise solutions for healthcare. Join multiple healthcare enterprises with improved efficiency with the best healthcare software development solutions.

These stats cement the need for automation for healthcare enterprises:

Routine care was found to be relatively more expensive than telemedicine, summing to USD 335 per patient per year, stats Pubmed.

Through algorithmic automation solution, doctors are found to achieve an increased diagnostic accuracy of 72.52%, as per Towards Data Science.

About 88% of healthcare service providers claim that their EHR enables them to offer better patient care, finds HealthIt.

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Electronic Health Records

Get rid of the vicious circle of misplaced and erroneous information in your hospitals, clinics, and independent medical practice to match the health records of patients and receive seamless operations. TRooTech provides the development of an electronic health record software that is all-inclusive of multiple features, including detailed yet meaningful reports, efficient patient scheduling, task management abilities, smart patient workflows, and more.

With TRooTech, you get the best healthcare development team that leverages PHP to offer database flexibility, expedite the web development process, and protect websites from potential malware. Additionally, an EHR built with jQuery UI offers an intuitive portal with user-friendliness for easy accessibility. For providing the support to the RESTful APIs, we trust the BackboneJS to develop client-side scripting.


Kareo Clinical

Kareo Clinical is a cloud-based electronic health record system with a comprehensive ability to fulfil the needs of independent practitioners and their patients. The system can help medical practitioners to write prescriptions, notes, and code encounters using the record system to manage patients in an integrated system.

The electronic health record solution has a powerful dashboard with a customizable multi-source calendar and simple charting for the creation of patient encounter notes. The doctors can save a lot of time and resources for easy ePrescription to patients. In addition to this, the integrated patient portal enables easy sharing of the medical records as well as billing information for communicating with patients.

CareCloud Charts

CareCloud Charts is an all-inclusive electronic health record that intends to offer better care to patients. The EHR system seamlessly integrates with the practice management system and CareCloud central for a comprehensive administrative, clinical, and financial solution.

The electronic health record solution, in turn, features patient engagement for bringing better patient outcomes. The software can speed up the clinical processes with flexible charting options, configurable templates, and reusable order sets. The system allows the medical practitioners to easily share notes with patients to ensure quick onboarding of patients. The rich patient summaries, innovative content store, and clinical decision support

Clinical Trial Management System

Bring automation to your healthcare facility to enable simplicity and efficiency for offering better patient outcomes. One of the crucial services we provide at TRooTech is the development of clinical trial management software with powerful analytics functionalities.

Our healthcare developers offer the best healthcare software development services with Python and Django for portability of codes for offering stability, flexibility, and simplicity to pave way for data visualization and data analytics. In addition to this, our solution consists of cloud Amazon AWS enabling quick retrieving of data and AngularJS for two-way binding and handling of RESTful APIs.

Our powerful algorithm enables healthcare professionals to capture as well as integrate data from any channel and decentralize the trails.

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Clinical Conductor CTMS

Clinical Conductor is a leading clinical trial management software, accommodating regulatory compliance to improve the clinical research operations for numerous research organizations. The CTMS is a comprehensive solution to track fiances, recruitments, monitoring, and increasing patient enrollment as well as retention.

The clinical trial management software helps streamline the patient recruitment tasks to reach the participants in less time. Besides this, the advanced reports offer a complete understanding of a clinic or medical facility and enable the medical practitioners to conduct better clinical trials.

BioClinica CTMS

BioClinica CTMS is developed for medical practitioners to gain incisive insights through centralized data and automated processes to facilitate better decision making. BioClinica CTMS offers a streamlined configuration process along with standardized reports for healthcare enterprises to eliminate redundancies, offers better study control, improves workflows, and enhances transparency.

Using the clinical trial management software, several healthcare enterprises have received direct and complete control with site monitoring and payment functionality.

Medical Diagnosis Software

Reduce the human workforce, albeit with maximized efficiency with the best medical diagnosis software from TRooTech. Clients hire us, the best healthcare software development team, to develop medical diagnosis software for the creation of a unified platform that provides more positives to doctors and clinicians.

We develop responsive and multi-device compatible apps with Viewport Meta to offer easy scaling of content on any device. In order to offer anytime, anywhere access to the medical diagnosis solution, our healthcare app developers use jQuery for avoiding dispersed communication and easy collaboration. In addition to this, we ensure optimal performance of the screen-loading time and appealing user interface using ReactJS.

Human DX

Human DX is a medical diagnosis software that empowers clinicians and medical practitioners to answer the queries of users through a mobile app or web platform. In addition to this, the app facilitates medical professionals and trainees to connect through clinical puzzles to help society grow.

The Human Diagnosis Project is a global effort to craft an online system to map the steps to assist any patient. It uses collective intelligence through machine learning to offer accessible, affordable, and accurate care to all users.

OSP Labs

The OSP Labs offers comprehensive medical diagnosis software to health-focused companies and organizations. It offers a tailor-made solution to clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions. The medical diagnosis software helps improve the operational productivity and efficiency for serving the users better.

OSP Labs drives healthcare transformation with technology for the healthcare enterprises to assist the businesses in achieving better patient outcomes with the medical diagnosis software.

Medical Imaging Software

Enhance your imaging capabilities and improve patient outcomes with the best of the medical imaging software. Our developers understand the concerns pertaining to the medical imaging processes and strive to solve them from the grassroots through the best healthcare software development with Python for creating logic for the medical imaging software and Django for supporting multiple features and functionality of the app.

We use PostgreSQL to handle the client requests through the backend servers and Amazon AWS for data storage and data transmission. Bring efficiency to your imaging process for steering your medical practice towards patient-centricity.



For the medical institutions looking to improve their patient outcomes, Materialise offers 3D image-based engineering software to turn the imaging report into a 3D model.

Since hospitals, clinics, and similar healthcare facilities require more efficiency, the medical imaging software offers dedicated and robust tools for anatomical designs and segmentation. Besides this, it is an online platform that allows users to review and comment quickly regarding any concerns to shorten the feedback loop. The Python scripting enables the automation of the workflow for clinics to delve into the custom plug-in services.


VEPRO is one of the leading medical imaging solutions for healthcare technology businesses to optimize their workflows and broaden the possibilities of digital communication with patients and doctors.

The medical imaging solution is a feature-rich solution to view images from archives, trays, CDs, and more for reviewing and editing the test reports. The software enables a paper print of reports/images, storage of the latest processing/reading status, and private hanging protocol. The healthcare faculties can view the monitor test patterns and access to service as well as configuration programs. In addition to this, medical practitioners can use the Zoom/magnifier/Pan/Scroll functionality to process better reports.

ePrescription Software

TRooTech provides comprehensive software solutions for electronic prescription service and management to empower physicians to generate prescriptions and help patients to collaborate with pharmacies quickly and easily.

Avoid the misinterpretation of handwritings and lost prescriptions to channel the best of the ePrescription software under a single umbrella. Our healthcare software developers aim at reducing the risks through the electronic prescription system. Our developers strive to provide you with the upper hand with cutting-edge technologies other than the traditional solutions with RESTful APIs, BI tools, behavioural and user analytics tools, monitoring and performance tools, and servers load balancing. We use MySQL for data storage and querying to offer real-time access to the required data. In addition to this, we trust AngularJS frontend frameworks to improve the user experience.



Meditab is a leading solution for multispecialty electronic health records built with feature-rich prescription management software for checking patient-specific information pertaining to drugs, instant access to the medication history of patients, viewing the discounts and deals available, and processing the PA requested while prescribing the medications.

The easy-to-use interfaces allow the doctors and clinicians to access and view information with compromising security through a centralized Rx screen, speedy EPA processing, and electronically transmitted prescriptions.


ScriptSure is a cloud ePrescribing solution with the most comprehensive application that enables users to send prescriptions electronically to pharmacies through the Surescripts electronic network.

It allows the printing of prescriptions and electronically sending them to the required medical faculty. Each prescription including medication, vitamin product, injectable, and over-the-counter products are pre-programmed for prescription medications. The solution allows the sending of error-free prescriptions, viewing of prescription insurance information, accessing the patient medication history, and receiving electronic refill requests.

Telemedicine Software

Explore the wide range of solutions built under a telemedicine solution with emphasis on remote patient monitoring, real-time audio/video functionality, and store-and-forward of medical information by hiring the best healthcare software development team from TRooTech.

Our developers conduct the business analysis, undertake market research and create a unique value proposition through the creation of a prototype for the telemedicine software. Get the additional revenue stream to your hospitals and clinics alongside patient-centricity, reduced paperwork, and the capability to consult more patients in less time for utmost profitability in the long run.



Mend is an AI-powered patient engagement platform for telemedicine facilities. It offers audio, video, as well as asynchronous telemedicine facilities using the mobile platform. The telemedicine solution offers vendor summary, clinical services, Medicaid, private insurance services, and more through video and audio based channels that require 100-250 kbps connections to offer services.

The Mend Telehealth provider model underpins the ease of use for the end users. The company also integrates the PMS/EHR systems by simplifying the telehealth workflows for their staffs for eliminating the duplicated entries.

Doxy Me

Doxy Me is a simple, free, as well as secure telemedicine software. The clinicians and patients can access the telemedicine functionality on Chrome, Safari, and FireFox browsers. In addition to this, patients and doctors need a microphone and a webcam.

The doctor offers a personalized room link to patients. The telemedicine software enables growth to even the private practices through seamless technology services, highly reliable as well as HIPAA-compliant platform. The telehealth and telemedicine facilities boost access to healthcare to offer more accessible, timely, and patient-centric services.