STILL USING Magento 1.0?


Maybe you don't know what Magento 2.0 has to offer to your eCommerce business.

Magento 2.0 is out with its enhanced eCommerce-centric functionalities and high flexibility offerings, proving itself the best CMS ever for the development of online marketplaces. While the support for Magento 1.0 will soon be ending, it is high time for the B2B Marketplaces, B2C eCommerce Solutions, C2C eCommerce Solutions, Classified Platforms, Single Vendor - Single Store eCommerce, Single Vendor-Multi-store eCommerce, or Multi-vendor-Multi-store for migration of their Magento 1.0 CMS to Magento 2.0 to enjoy its resilient support.

Being a Magento 2.0 trained solution provider, our team at TRooTech understands the need of the shifting marketplace and stands abeam to the new technological advancements in Magento 2.0 by delighting our global customers with unmatchable solutions, better API support, visually enticing website and stores, detailed categories, improved indexers, and better performance.

Since there are frequent complaints about having lost valuable customer and product data, importing media files, extensions, and themes, and performance after migration, we carefully plan out the migration process with our all-comprehensive 6 step process.

Definite Reasons to Migrate from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.0

Magento 1.0 Magento 2.0
API is added subsequently API is added in the core
Architecture is concentrated on flexibility Architecture is concentrated on speed
Works with PHP Works with PHP 5.6+/7
No support for HTML5/CSS3 Native support for HTML5/CSS3
Weak content staging Advanced content staging
External integration of PayPal In-site PayPal Experience
Admin Panel is non-responsive Admin Panel is responsive
Minimal video features Integrated Video
Secure Bridge PCI Compliant Hosted Fields

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Steps of Magento Migration

analyzing reviewing_Trootech

Analyzing and Reviewing the Website to Migrate

The migration to Magento 2.0 begins with the analyzing stage, where we ideate the information and the concepts we have gathered from our clients.

The thorough study of the eCommerce portal is done in this stage by testing it on various platforms and devices to check for any existing bugs or software shortcomings so as to eliminate all of these in the substantial phase of the development. This also calls for the checking of the existing themes, custom codes, extension, and their compatibility with the existing devices.

The better version of the marketplace is conceptualized and the same is communicated with our clients. On approval, we start with the planning and strategizing of the portal's enhancement and migration from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.0.

Planning and Strategy_Trootech

Planning and Strategy

For all the modifications and the execution operation of the eCommerce portal, we plan effective strategies to be worked upon before migration.

The planning stage is where we evaluate the designs and construct a practical flow in terms of designs, structural flow of the functionalities, channelized navigation for the users, insightful content planning and content development.

Once the implementation flow for the existing web portal is done, we shift our gaze towards forming a speedy yet achievable work flow for the migration. Here, we take into consideration the actual migration process of the current themes, extensions, and custom code, which is to be made compatible with Magento 2.0.


Timeline and Project Evaluation

In the development vicinity, where others over promise and under deliver, we give a practical timeline to our clients by evaluating all the angles of the designing, development, migration, integration, and testing.

This is how we ensure that our client receives the new configuration on time along with the iterations, if any, and try to eliminate the instances of exceeding the budget of our clients. At each point of time, we get our clients on the same page of their eCommerce portal with frequent updates on the migration. This is why we are in a long-term relationship with most of our clients.

Data Migration_Trootech

Data Migration

Time to sprinkle life to the wireframes!

In the data migration stage, we setup product and category data, ERP integration, etc. By taking into considerations your already existing identity in the eCommerce portal, we strive to enhance the look and feel from the user's point of view.

We work intrinsically in order to make your migrated website and web store as apparent as possible to your original website, providing you the migrated website that satisfies your business' needs.

Complete Integration_Trootech


After the completion of the migration with the themes, custom codes, extensions and data by converting and customizing all the elements by modules, features, and their functionalities, we integrate all of these to form a one-stop solution for your eCommerce portal.

This is how we make the migrated website look exactly or in a way more crisp and intuitive for the customers. The website and the web portal are now with its complete functionality and are ready to be tested.

Support and Maintenance_Trootech

Testing, Support, and Maintenance

This is the last stage of the migration process and this validates the make or break of your migrated website.

We test for all the functionalities, custom codes, extensions, themes, and data storage and evaluate the now Magento 2.0 supported website or web store for its high-speed, performance, compatibility, and responsiveness.

Making sure that the eCommerce portal is now all set to deliver the best of the results outstandingly, we report our client with their renovated asset and provide them support and maintenance.

What we Offer to your Magento 2.0 Migrated Website



The Magento 2.0 CMS makes use of full-page caching on the server in order to easily display the filters, the products, the categories, and the CMS pages.

This enables the user to read the page directly from the cache. All the three types of customer visits are registered in the database - Non-sessioned, sessioned, and customer.

Having seen many slow-loading Magento based website, we break the development monotony by providing high speed eCommerce portals by developing crisp features and allocating themes with performance in mind.

We understand the trouble of managing a comprehensive portal all round the clock, all alone and so we develop a backend which can accommodate your co-partners. We also empower the chief admin by allowing him the access to control the actions of other admins.

secure payments_Trootech

Secure Payments, Easy Maintenance and Upgradability

The users are largely shifting from offline stores to online stores and so the utmost concern is of security and privacy. Exhausting the security concern that Magento 2.0 provides, we develop a secure marketplace by integrating the PayPal, Braintree, and payment gateways.

The modular architecture enables excellent scope and flexibility which eases the maintenance and up-gradation of the store front.

This is how we help the eCommerce owners to take an uphill growth with the help of Magento 2.0.

performance improvement_Trootech

Performance improvements

Adhering to the very sophisticated architecture of Magento that stores a lot of data including the product data, customer data, catalog data, pricing details, stores, filters, and the like, we improve indexing which enables the representation of the previously stored data and can be used for reading the data and filtering of products.

This helps the users to seamlessly navigate to perform their purchase actions. We enable the Magento cache clearing with Varnish. This helps to store the files in the memory and it considerably reduces the response time and network bandwidth.


Responsiveness, Better API support, and Native functionality

Taking the sizes, shapes, and requirements of all the different types of devices, Magento supports HTML 5, CSS3, RequireJS, PSR Compliance, Full page caching, and Varnish Support in its core.

The Magento 2.0 web API framework supports REST and SOAP. This processes the third-party application's authentication, mobile application's authentication, and admin-customers authentication.

Coming to the native functionality, Magento 2.0 is restructured and developed in a way that makes your eCommerce portal feel more personal to the customers with the help of compatible native Magento theme. This enhances the look and feel, making the web store look livelier.

large inventory_Trootech

Large Inventory and user-friendly checkout

The customization capabilities of Magento 2.0 helps to handle more than one catalog pages and inventory, with the assistance of custom layout for the CMS pages in one Magento shop.

This comes to rescue and can eliminate a big hour of working on different static pages at a single shop. Pertaining to the larger cache handling capacity, with the help of Magento 2.0, we help the store owners to enjoy large stores.

We try to make the checkout process as user-friendly as possible by avoiding and deliberately eliminating any third-party hosts, so that the rate of cart abandonment reduces significantly.

The total number of steps involved in the checkout process is also controlled and it supports the account creation for new user in just one click.

We do all the Types of Migration Possible

Theme Migration_Trootech

Theme Migration

With the advent of Magento 2.0, there are some nascent tactics and methodologies in terms of themes for delivering an enhanced shopping experience and store experience for the users.

Our hard-headed developers leverage the benefits of creating stunning Magento 2.0 themes or can rectify the existing ones to make them responsive and compatible with the Magento 2.0 standards.

Customizations Migration_Trootech

Customizations Migration

When our clients have their online marketplaces developed with the custom codes, we study the existing ones and look out for any alternative compact code with enhanced functionality.

Also, since there is a structural difference between both the Magento 1.0 and Magento 2.0, the custom code written in Magento 1.0 may not be supported by Magento 2.0. We precisely carry forward the custom codes to the website and migrate the functionalities.

Extension Migration_Trootech

Extension Migration

Having experienced many test cases and witnessed many challenges regarding the extensions, we take vigilant approach when migrating the extensions as there are severe compatibility issues with Magento 2.0 from Magento 1.0.

We understand that extensions are the most crucial elements in an online marketplace that incorporates the functionalities to your Magento store. We delve deep into the requirements of our clients and install their desired Magento 2.0 extensions available to complement the operation of their eCommerce platform.

Data Migration_Trootech

Data Migration

Your eCommerce website and web store is full with all your valuable contacts and you do not want to lose any of them. With the sole aim to maintain a secured database wemigrate your websitefrom Magento 1.0 database to Magento 2.0 database without affecting the customer record, retention list, unique visitors, cart abandoners, orders, quotes, payments, invoices, shipments, credit memo, sales rules & coupons, etc.

Our Services Include

Website and Stores_Trootech

Website and Stores

The Magento 2.0 CMS makes use of full-page caching on the Creating attractive, responsive, compatible, and high-speed website and stores that amplifies the UI and UX design to create a delightful experience for the customers of the portal.



Fearing that your customer data will be lost in the migration process? We won't let it happen. Now you will be able to retain the customer's list and can make space for yet another big data sheet of customers, their details, in a group and as entities.

Checkout Payment and Shipping_Trootech

One-step Checkout

No need to go two-steps that arespread along the pages. We have got your back and have covered the optimized checkout page with 100% payment support, and shipping methods.

Magento Shopping Cart Development_Trootech

Product Attributes

For an intensified SEO experience, we help you to create detailed product attributes in order to offer your customers with an intuitive and engaging shopping experience.

Sales Data_Trootech

Sales Data

Now you can manage all your sales data at a place with all the customizability. Your easy look up to the Orders, Quote, Payments, Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memo, Sales Rules & Coupons, etc. will provide you efficiency to handle your sales.

Geolocation Technology_Trootech

Google Address Suggestion

Now you can make more dispatches possible! We incorporate the Google Address Suggestion to eliminate the hassle of entering the entire address every time the dispatch is prepared.

Layered Navigation_Trootech

Layered Navigation

Having backed up by Ajax, we design a creative loading page along with the smooth navigation from the home page till the checkout page and delivery tracking.



With more inventory and catalog pages, you will definitely want to add more products and so we offer you with a whole new space to include the specifics and particulars of the products with the assistance of elaborated categories.

Reviews and Ratings_Trootech

Reviews and Ratings

Now there is more space and creative appeal for the reviews and ratings for your customers to not miss out on writing about their channelized experience they had with you.

Personalized Shopping_Trootech

Personalized Shopping

Your migrated website and web store will support gift wrapping requests from your customers with the personalized gift messaging.

Migration to Magento 2.0 is taking a quick stride in the eCommerce market.

When are you planning to take a leap?

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