A Blockchain-based eCommerce App for Cannabis with Cryptocurrency Payment Support

The entire ecosystem turns distorted when it comes to the sales and distribution of cannabis. Cannabis, when used for the right purposes, has proved to show miraculous effects. However, its potential exploitation from other than the medicinal uses often puts the central authorities in a spot to decide on its approval to market.

The scenario, as mentioned above, has been in the front for time immemorial. However, on the cusp of Blockchain technology’s widespread use and accurate verification of buyers, an eCommerce application for selling cannabis is not that distant of a dream.

Realizing the reach of eCommerce platform, the security of Blockchain solutions, and the suppressed demand for cannabis, one of our Californian clients, proposed developing a personalized eCommerce solution for the distribution of cannabis. The cryptocurrency wallet was a unique feature of this project.

This preference-based Blockchain-based eCommerce app would aggregate the demand and connect the customers to the suppliers such as medical professionals, farmers, and small clinics, among others.

Backdrop of the Development

Given the numerous varieties of cannabis, users often find it challenging to look for their preferred cannabis. As a result, our client wanted to provide ease of searchability of cannabis to different types of users through various suppliers. Since he went through our proposed Social Commerce concept, it was easy for him to relate the model with his business.

Users have to select the type of healing they wish to have using the application. Based on their preferences, users will be able to view 1000s of available cannabis in their locality from different clinics and farmers. Users can easily navigate through this list and place an order. The Blockchain-based eCommerce app is also inclusive of an integrated wallet that makes it simple and safe for users to pay for their desired purchases.

Underlying Challenges

The Blockchain-based eCommerce app was unique for its kind. The incorporation of cryptocurrency for the procurement of cannabis in a social commerce portal was a challenge, owing to its Tinder-based preference model.

All-in-all, the Blockchain-based eCommerce app for cannabis stands at the intersection of three models–Blockchain technology, Tinder model, and social commerce model. The preference-based Tinder-like model was tough to incorporate into the application, depending on the availability of different weeds categories.

Our Approach

The Blockchain-based eCommerce app for cannabis with cryptocurrency support was undertaken in parallel with the Tinder similar business model and social commerce. So, the eCommerce platform was to be offered as a highly personalized portal for the procurement of cannabis to users with a matching feature.

The matching feature offered various options for users to select. From these options, the application algorithm would fetch the cannabis that matched with the user preferences. Users can then scroll through the list of cannabis to find prices and delivery details.

Project Features

The Blockchain-based eCommerce app for the distribution of cannabis is a unique software for users to order locally-available cannabis products and strains. Since medicinal cannabis is to be procured from the Blockchain-based eCommerce app, it was crucial for the platform to understand the customers’ needs to be able to navigate through the best results.

Users also can set the radius to be able to procure the cannabis in their locality. In addition, the Blockchain-based solution ensures proof of delivery and safe payment.

The Blockchain solution is feasible for the growers, dispensaries, research labs, manufacturers, patients, THC/CBD testing, app users, and supply chain. In addition, we use sophisticated telematics solutions for users to track their shipments from the time they are being dispatched to the time of final delivery.

Below are some of the unique features of the Blockchain-based eCommerce app:

  • Patient Identification Verification
  • Placing an Order
  • Platform Analytics
  • Transaction Assurance
  • Escrow Services
  • Chain of Custody
  • Matching Features for Gauging Preferences
  • Inventory Management and Handling
  • High Visibility of Delivery Tracking
  • Integrated Wallet for Cryptocurrency
  • GPS Tracking for Radius Mapping

Business Benefits

Since our client wanted to be a leader in the development of the Blockchain-based solution for the distribution ease of cannabis, our developers built the eCommerce application through the combination of the Tinder and Social Commerce model.

  • Our client could now accommodate multiple suppliers on the Blockchain-based eCommerce app, which led to numerous preferences for users to choose from.
  • The cryptocurrency of the company received the approval to be listed under the CPO.
  • It was easy for suppliers to list their medicinal cannabis and find the right consumers for them.
  • The cryptocurrency garnered popularity within a short duration of time, as it got picked up by the other businesses for us. This provided consumers with the required confidence to invest and transact using the cryptocurrency launched by our client.

Industry Segment

eCommerce and Marketplace, FinTech, Social Commerce, Healthcare and Wellbeing

Technology and Tools

Mobile Apps: React Native
Backend: PHP Laravel
Database: PostgreSQL
Server: Amazon AWS

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