Understanding The Best Mobile App Monetization Strategies In 2019

Currently, there are millions of apps in the universe; one can say that Smartphones and mobile apps are becoming the 4th necessity for [...]

Classroom technology – Next-Gen EdTech Solution To Go Paperless

A student’s life at school begins with the morning prayers offered to the almighty followed by the class attendance. Attendance is noted in [...]

Healthcare App Data Standards- All You Need To Know Before Healthcare App Development

Consider the following scenarios- Scenario 1: A young adult meets with an accident on the highway. People gather around [...]

This On Demand Restaurant At Home Concept Will Change The Way You Dine

Jennie’s thoughts from her diary: It was the 8th of March, Friday, my first wedding anniversary! I was waiting for my husband to [...]

13 Software Tools For Logistics To Step Up The Business Ease

Adopting all the arts and smarts of the software tools for logistics into the workflow is how the Logistics & Shipping companies expect [...]

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