11 Meaningful Ideas To Improve Your Business Websites


If you are not known on a wide landscape, you are equivalent to being unknown! This is true for the digital landscape, where it is essential to have a good user base to be known. If that’s not the case, you are pretty much unknown to the audience. Most of you fall into the unknown category, because though you have collected a good user base, you are pretty much not known to the major segment of your target.

What could be the reason? You are marketing as good as the others; your products are in fact better than that offered by the others. Despite all this, you are facing troubles converting, and getting the desired audience base. It’s not enough to market well; you need a website that can act as your savior. Having a website isn’t enough, it should be able to get you the desired visibility also.

Sometimes, your business website  has the best content, but the presentation is not up to the mark. But, in many cases you will see that the content is not what you should have on your website. Many times, the things are half baked, which makes the responses equally bad for your website. Redesigning, or improving on your website design will help you increase the conversions. Here, we will discuss how you can improve your business website to attract more visitors.

The Returning Visitor

This is ideally the area you should work upon to increase the visibility of your business. The returning visitor has more potential to improve your brand image. For this, you need to make your website more about them, and address their concerns through the website. Remember, this is the arm that will work as your sales representative.

e-Commerce Arm

If you are into e-Commerce, it is a good idea to integrate the e-Commerce arm with your web development. You will give your brand an identity, and more people will recognize you. Chances of reaching out to more people increases when your known brand integrates with the lesser known one, which will eventually help get the edge.

Headline Content

Headline plays an important role in pulling the audience to your website. You should have the best and the most attractive content in the headline. This will at least get the visitors to your website, and make them want to read what you have posted there.

Exit Overlays

If you want to increase the interaction and engagement levels on your business website, you will need to work on exit overlays. This is the place where your visitors can leave comments, or interact with you. Exit overlays work towards enhancing customer satisfaction. You should include that in your business website.

Secure from Insider Hacks

Many business websites ignore the security that they need from the insiders’. They secure the data from the outside, but fail to do so internally. This is an important step, and should be taken to improve your web application development.

Try Other Extensions

For a long while, businesses have been using the .com extension. It is time to undergo a change. You should try out other extensions to have a better impact on your users.

Informative Content

Content for marketing purposes will help pull your audience to your website, but to make them stay there, you will need to include something more informative. Your content should be educational and relevant for them to want to stay on your website for a longer while. Don’t forget to include this in your website solution.

Social Media Presence

Don’t forget to include social media in your marketing strategy. This is one of the most important mediums for marketing in the present times. Your audience is consuming everything socially, and it is important to give them more food on the social media channels.

Fail Don’t Fall Apart

It’s ok to fail; you just cannot fall apart. You should fail such that your business still remains secure.

Trial & Error

Nothing works like trial and error. There is no one solution for all, and the best way to make your business website better is by working on this method and including different options. What works best for you can be determined by this method alone.

So, with these simple ideas try to evolve your business website, and make it more user friendly. The better the visibility, the higher the conversions for the business.

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