4 New Social Media and Networking Websites and Apps Powering Control over their Market


Statistics show the phenomenal growth observed in social networking. One in seven people use at least one social networking site, once a month. This number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. According to recently recorded numbers, 1.61Bn (approximately) use at least one of the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Social media has revamped the ground for communication between two people. It could be businesses, consumers, or even business and consumer. Social networking has changed the whole attitude of people, and has given brands an opportunity to reach out to more audiences. Social media and networking website like Facebook and Twitter like have become more commercial, and are now being used by brands and businesses to build their user base. What started out as a tool to communicate with friends, and connect with old acquaintances, has become a more commercial affair. With the popularity of these social media tools, you will see that new players are joining this segment with same fervor. A lot of these social networking mediums have added some unique flavors which have made them popular among a certain target audience. They have combined some of the unique yet popular features that have helped them reach the limelight. Here, we will discuss four similar social apps, and have included some unique features.


If you indulge in social app development, what is your primary concern? When it comes to conversations, they are different between friends, acquaintances and families. You want a possibility wherein you can have the same kind of conversations you once enjoyed offline, in the virtual world. This is the possibility that band brings to your online doors. With this app, you can create specific groups, and begin your conversations. The application has used a simple interface, similar to Facebook. It offers a social media website along with the mobile application, thus catering to both web and smartphone users. It is not just a great communication tool, but also a good marketing tool. But, you should know how to use it. Here, we will list out a few key features of this app.

  • The Board: You can post messages, photos and videos in real time mode. You can even include polls for the messages, photos and videos, so that you know which photos or videos you should post. Band also allows you to send invites to view your messages.
  • Archiving Photos: You can create photos, and archive it using this application
  • Miscellaneous: Other popular features include chats,calendar, and managing members on your social network


Twitch may not seem like a social networking site in the conventional sense; it is more like grouping apps. It is more of a live video streaming site for the niche e-sports. It has become one of the most popular, and engaging video streaming sites, second only to youtube. It offers a similar business model to that of Youtube. It offers broadcasts of popular sports. Apart from this, it also offers gamers to connect and communicate with each other. You can watch gamers playing their favorite video games, live and in action using this social networking site. Streamers can share content live, adjust play styles from entertainment purposes.

Key features include:

  • Crowd Playing: This is a concept introduced by Twitch. There is a single player who is live streaming his video game action. The crowd will share their methods and techniques, using which together with the crowd, the player can eventually set forth on the game journey
  • Promotions: Involving and engaging the viewers into the play, will help market the brand and its game. You can make viewers see the new games on the block using this platform.


Periscope is a live streaming app with a difference. You can choose to go public with your app, or limit its viewing capabilities. People can send in hearts during the live streaming to convey their appreciation towards the video. In fact, the viewers can send in texts pertaining to their questions, while the video is being streamed, and you can answer them while on the go. The more hearts you receive for your video, the more popular it becomes on the screen.

Key features include:

  • Privacy: You can choose the audience you want the video broadcast to be view-able for. Simply create a private video broadcast for single video where invites are limited to users whom you follow or users who follow you. Your broadcasts if reported for sensitive content by the users watching, can get all community and content rules to be imposed on you. It has physical moderators always live from their team to moderate the reported contents and sometimes you can directly see a shadowbanning imposed in case they cite some serious issues with your content but only in cases they can’t force you to remove the broadcast.
  • Twitter: You can share your Periscope videos on Twitter by tapping on the bird
  • Hearts: The mark of appreciation, hearts will help you grow popular on this site


This application is all set to change the buying behavior online. It is a popular digital mall that has staged a wide range of products. You will find a wide range of products here, right from small brands to major brands. It is an application marketplace that allows users to connect with brands and retailers. It has indulged in unique social development, with its digital mall concept.

Key features include:

  • Online Buying: This platform offers online buying with a difference. You can shop for products based on user review
  • Follow: Similar to Instagram, this app development structure follows the “follow” system which allows you to find out latest fashion trends

Such hybrid apps, with unique concepts have triggered the social networking and taken it to another level altogether. This is the new height of social networking. If you want to develop same app/develop similar app, then you can get in touch with your idea or concept.

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