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Sugar-Coated Myths V/s True Reality

Performance based Cloud POS System myths


Performance based cloud pos system myth

Myth # 10

POS devices are simply a replacement of cash register.

POS devices are only able to perform things that can be easily managed with the cash register like data recording, making accounting entries and invoicing.

This system is just efficient to accept the card payments and manage data in the cash register. This is the common cloud pos system myth among people which is not true.

In Reality

Apart from the basic functions, the POS system can serve a wider variety of featured functions. It’s much more than just a cash register.

One can invest to develop a POS system that can well manage the inventories, vendors, customers and even the human resources at large.

  • They can feature the calendar management for attendance and leave of employees
  • They can feature the tools for customer engagement
  • They can also feature the business development programs into the POS system
  • They can feature the staff engagement programs into the POS system

POS systems are tailor-made and customized based on the industry-specific needs in the market.

Mobile-based POS or the Cloud-based POS system is the advancements trending in the retail, hotel, travel and also in the manufacturing sector.

Myth # 11

Online POS system is just a good calculation system.

Many entrepreneurs have a misconception that the online POS system can only calculate the order amounts, discounts and total quantities sold for the day.

These POS systems are only meant for the complex calculations. Don’t you think this cloud pos system myth is tough to digest??

In Reality

The business can increase its performance capacity with the cloud-based POS system.

It becomes the nucleus of the business, departments, and functions from accounting to inventory to marketing and also to all the business partners.

Apart from the basic necessary calculations, it can well scale out the accurate figures for the degree of customer satisfaction, product availabilities, the dead stock, pilferages, total purchases from suppliers and much more.

In addition to these, the businesses can easily scale the investments, sales, profit, reinvestments, goodwill and other parameters that are sensitive for a business to analyze.

Myth # 12

One most common cloud pos system myth is it has decreased data visibility and mobility.

With applying the custom POS system in business operations, it turns out to be difficult to manage and track the employee activities, sales, and profit when the business owner is away from the work area.

The only option is CCTV cameras to constantly check the tasks from a remote area and that too it cannot help track sales and profit metrics.

In Reality

The cloud-based POS system is like carrying the business anywhere with you.

One can view all the reports to track the sales, profit, performance gaps, high-sold product categories, customer preferences, suppliers and much more on the system from remote areas.

It becomes easy-peasy to handle the business even when on a vacation trip or when taking a day off from the office.

The business owner can round the clock keep an eye on the business operations, employees and customer purchases.

Myth # 13

Software updates can increase downtime.

Many directors have a misconception that the POS system needs updating on each and every device related to the business.

Right from the back office computers, hand handled devices or the POS terminals. Updating the device, computer and terminal individually can result in errors and inconsistencies in the workflow.

In Reality

The cloud-based POS system has all the riches of updating the POS system for once from one device or computer.

It consists of the inbuilt tools for real-time automatic updates on the rest of the devices.

Myth # 14

Cloud-based POS system is not capable to manage operations across multiple locations.

It is a cloud pos system myth that it cannot streamline and manage information across multiple locations.

This myth especially exists among the businesses that have big distribution channels, a high workflow in the supply chain, and a big strength of staff.

In Reality

The cloud-based POS solution is meant for centralizing the data from multiple locations.

It proves best for the online marketplaces, businesses with geographical expansions, franchise chain with stores at multiple states/countries, airlines, logistics and shipping business.

The POS system manager cannot only access the information but also update data and even standardize data for all the stores across multiple locations.

Myth # 15

Another highly believed Cloud POS system myth is it can cause a blunder due to slow processing the data during price fluctuations.

There is a wrong belief prevailing in the markets with a tendency of high price fluctuations.

What they think is- as soon as the product is sold, the data to be processed in the cloud is slow paced. Due to the price fluctuation, the price in buyers dashboard can delay the updates.

This can cause a big mess as the quote that will be provided to the buyers will be on the updated pricing and the buyer’s expectation will be on the old pricing for the products.

In Reality

The cloud-based POS system immediately saves the data for every product sold. The system is equipped with instant updating of information. Be it the update in pricing, ordering or invoicing.

This will clear out the mess of expected pricing verses quoted pricing for the business with high price fluctuations.

Myth # 16

With the cloud-based POS system, it’s tough to track the performance capabilities of the business.

Some people believe it to be a tough game to realize the business needs and track the performance with the cloud-based POS system.

It is not possible to track the gap between current resources and required resources of the business.

In Reality

Hold on we can prove wrong this cloud POS system myth!

The cloud-based POS system makes it easy for the business to derive accurate reports on each and every resource.

They can choose the parameters and discover the exact stats on the current resources. Like,

It becomes easy to compare the reports of employee performance with total resource availabilities. This will help drive the gap and track the required resources to increase the employee performances.

Myth # 17

Error in one can carry forward errors in the related process.

Many people have a cloud pos system myth that one error in the system will affect other related processes.

Like, if the system detected an error with a gap in the product countings of manufactured products and actual displayed products in the store shelf.

They believe it will affect the labelling for all the other products with barcode numbers and also create issues in invoicing for the orders.

In Reality

The cloud-based POS system has technical tools to detect the error and even locate the solutions for the error.

On the other hand, the cloud system will pause the update of stock for that particular product for which the system detected the error.

This POS system won’t stop operations of all the other product category updates and there will be no issues pertaining to labelling the products with correct barcodes.

This is how an error in one cannot carry forward errors in other related processes.

Myth # 18

Loss of control in maintaining customer relationships.

Through the means of collaboration and communication, the customers are now able to access and even share the information.

They are highly gaining the power to select how and from where to communicate and shop for products.

According to many entrepreneurs, this has made the customers to even choose a limited or a small number of businesses to maintain relations with.

With a cloud-based POS system, it will be challenging to maintain customer relationships at large. Do you think this cloud POS system myth is right?

In Reality

The cloud-based POS system can be featured with tools for building customer loyalty and even indulge in customer engagement activities.

It makes the ordering, payment, discounting and after sales services more transparent and user-friendly for the customers.

With high-performance customer services, it becomes effortless for the business to maintain and control customer relationships.

Flexibility based Cloud POS System myths


Myth # 7

Cloud-based POS system is not reliable.

A rigid hesitation also exists for some businesses to adopt the mobile-based POS system. They think it has similar functions as that of the traditional system. This is one of the rigid cloud POS system myth.

Here, the traditional systems do involve the CPU, monitors, auto-locked cash counters, telephone line, and card swiping machines.

Having to manage all this, they think the POS system will be an add-on to the management task and it’s not reliable or even needed as they already have sufficient devices to manage all the activities.

In Reality

The cloud-based POS system is much more convenient than a fixed POS juncture.

More importantly, these latest POS systems on the web, tablets, and mobiles are crafted to enhance the customer services and customer experience at the store.

Cloud-based POS systems are durable for

  • Busy stores
  • Crowded restaurants
  • Hospitals with many wards and medical staff with flexible shifts.
  • Manufacturing units
  • Varied type of marketplaces

Myth # 8

It’s tedious to switch all the data to the cloud.

It is an untrue cloud pos system myth that switching all the data to the cloud is difficult and time-consuming.

People think it requires the responsible authority to spend more time busy transferring the product details and categorization, floor plan, and current inventory data to the online system.

In Reality

The digital partners can perform these tasks for the business without charging an extra fee.

All that a business owner needs to do is send all the details relating to the customer info, floor plan, and products in the spreadsheets, or PDF files or in drawings.

And the tech team of digital partners will get the POS system set up as early as possible.

Myth # 9

It’s hard to train the staff for adopting and getting acquainted with the cloud-based POS system.

Many entrepreneurs fear to have hardships in training the staff to acquaint them with the cloud-based POS system. This fear generates falsy cloud pos system myth among the business people.

This is mostly believed when the strength of the staff is large or have many large teams involved with the Point of Sales system.

In Reality

The digital partners can systematically train and educate the staff on the functionalities and general technicalities of the cloud-based POS system.

They can conduct a video conference, a workshop or the training sessions to make them learn how to use the cloud-based point of sale system.

Training can even involve informative leaflets and videos to help the staff review anytime when using the custom POS system.

Myth # 10

It’s not at all possible to own the data with a cloud-based POS app.

With cloud-based systems, all the data can be even accessed by the tech person who manages the database.

A business cannot avoid this along with the added risk and insecurity of data usage for advertising purposes.

In Reality

The technology is so fast that it can develop customized options to permit access to all the data.

The business can also avoid all these insecurities by doing rigorous market research to choose trustworthy digital partners.

Another thing that a business can do is to indulge in a contract/agreement with strict data security and privacy clauses.

Myth # 11

Installing the POS system is always attached with initial discomforts.

Many directors have a fear of discomforts caused during POS system installation. This cloud pos system myth must be solved.

They become less confident about:

  • Employees accepting the digital change
  • Interrupted routine business operations
  • Reduced level of customer service satisfaction

In Reality

The technology has also enhanced the ways to install the POS system that curbs all these setbacks.

As the plan is approved, the employees are well informed about the upcoming digital change and training to acquaint them with the new software is made prior to the installation of the POS system.

This will help employees to adopt the new technology much speedier. Also, the installation is done after rigorous testing of the final cloud-based POS system.

Business can now enjoy error-free and hassle-free POS software installation.

Myth # 12

POS system is only for the retailers.

This cloud pos system myth turns out to be silly. But ya, it still exists. The POS devices were initially brought into the market for the retail stores. It was and is largely utilized in the retail industry.

This has made many businessmen believe that POS systems are only meant for the retailers and not for any other business verticals.

In Reality

With newer innovations in software technology, the customization in the POS system has made it highly applicable in a wide range of industries and not just for the retailers.

From the boutiques, restaurants, beauty salons to the medical industry, the specialized features of cloud-based POS can cater to the intricate requirements of many businesses.

Cost based Cloud POS System myths


Myth # 3

Cloud-based POS system needs extra expense to install, get support and maintain the online system.

This cloud pos system myth is simply not true. Usually, many restaurants or stores misunderstand and even miscalculate the total cost elements to get a cloud-based POS system.

They think, purchasing expensive hardware and costly development of online POS system is just a start to empty the pockets.

Applying the cloud-based POS system will have a long list of expenses that will include expense to hire an IT professional, installation expense, cost to get the customer support services and even the cost to maintain the online POS system.

In Reality

The web-based or the cloud-based POS system can reduce the cost of maintenance, customer support, and other related costs.

It can offer a complete monthly subscription package that includes software, maintenance, support, updates, and backups.

Or if the admin can get a system functionality training, they themselves can well manage the backups, database, and maintenance of the POS system.


Do you expect more from your Cloud-based POS system?

It is tough for every retailer to find accurate and tailored POS system for their business. But do not worry about it! We are here to help you!

Security based Cloud POS System myths


Myth # 4

It’s not possible to protect data when the POS device is physically stolen.

It’s scary when the POS device is stolen. All the business information and even customers private data will be at risk.

This situation will result in closing down of business and making a new start only when the new system is developed to run the business.

In Reality

By hosting all the data in off-site servers will help keep data safe from employees, hackers and even protect from the intruders.

With the Cloud-based POS system, one can easily stop the data access from the stolen device and even backup the complete data on the new devices.

Myth # 5

It is unsafe and much risky to provide card details on the online POS system.

In the past, some customers do have expressed great concerns about giving their personal card details on the mobile-based and cloud-based POS system.

Moreover, it’s not just limited to the users but business has grabbed this myth to be equally risky for the business operations as well.

In Reality

Nowadays, the card details that the users feed in the system are highly protected on the cloud.

In fact! The safeguard features for digital payments in cloud-based POS systems are more secure than the previous versions of online POS system.

Stringent personal data protection and constant updates on the system security levels is very much possible with the cloud-based POS system.

Myth # 6

Data backup is difficult with a cloud-based POS system.

The entrepreneurs also believe that the cloud-based POS system will lack the backup of data although it can easily manage the database.

The business will have to take the data backups at regular intervals which can prove to be time-consuming and even occupy one computer or device along with the responsible person to take the backups.

In Reality

The backup tasks are all automatic with the cloud-based POS system.

The business need not bother about when to backup, how to backup and does it perform the backup of complete data or not.

The cloud-based POS system will:

  • Auto backup data at regular intervals
  • Update the business on the backup errors
  • Automatically restart the paused backup proc

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