5 Best B2C Mobile App Revenue Strategies


Mobile app development is not just about developing a mobile app, but also about marketing and monetizing the same. You need to get returns on the amount you have invested in the mobile app, which is why you need to work on building revenue strategies. These strategies would help you understand the best way to make money through a mobile app online.

When it comes to B2C mobile apps, the revenue stream and the whole strategies defining your revenue will be different. It is important to think through the revenue generation process as it will help you define ROI for your mobile app. You need to have a revenue model that can be merged with the user experience you are planning to offer your customers through the mobile app. When you create a mobile app, you are investing some money to get some money back, which is why you need to work on revenue models that can bring in some money.
There are some obvious methods of working on mobile app revenue generation, which can help you deliver good profits. Here, we will discuss some that are truly the best for B2C mobile apps.

There are some obvious methods of working on mobile app revenue generation, which can help you deliver good profits. Here, we will discuss some that are truly the best for B2C mobile apps.

Premium Apps

This is the best way to monetize your app. Your user will need to pay to download the app, which immediately converts into ROI for you. You will need to set a price for your app, and you need to specify why you have set the price. The whole issue here is that you need to justify the price you have honored the app with, which means your app should be beneficial to the users in a way which will increase the downloads.
This model is best suited to those who want immediate results. For every download, you are sure to generate revenue. This app clearly gives out a superior interface which will translate into a good app model. The revenue flow stream is clear and undisputed. The only difficulty you are likely to face is convincing people to pay for downloading the app. For every download, you need to pay the app stores 30% of the amount that users pay to download the app.

In-App Advertising

For most business owners, this is the ideal revenue strategy. In this case, you are allowing a user to download the apps for free, which means you have a successful user base. Here, you will pay attention on giving the right levels of engagement to the user, so that they stay on your app. You begin selling only after you get complete understanding of the customers and insights on their behavior. Efficiency and performance of the mobile app improves with in-app advertising efforts. You place ads keeping in mind the behavior of your app user.

In-App Purchases

For most gaming apps, in-app purchases seem to be the appropriate tool to improve revenue and increase conversions for your mobile app. This is the leading revenue generation model, which works on the freemium principle. You get the app for free, but for some aspects of the app you need to pay. The full set of features is what you will get if you pay for the app. This model delivers good profits and is considerably low on the risk factor. It delivers engagement, and you can generate your user base while working towards profits. It is one of the most revenue generating models for B2C apps.


If you are a business that sells goods or products to the people, and wants to generate revenue by this selling, then m-Commerce is the ideal revenue generating model for you. It is a revenue model along with a sales channel for your company. You have tangible products, which you can convert to profits. With m-Commerce you tend to cut down on your operational costs, and get conversions throughout the day i.e. 24/7. There are numerous possibilities for you to explore and get profits from.

Affiliate Marketing

Partnerships with brands can also get you money for your mobile app. Affiliate marketing works towards generating profits and revenue for your mobile app. Give user rewards for successful completion of certain aspects. Keep rewarding your users so that they are engaged and you get profits from the affiliate.

These five revenue models work towards profitability of the mobile app, and hence the business thus improving profitability. You can choose the model that works best for you.

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