5 Crucial eCommerce Rich Snippets To Use Religiously


Google has always devised ways to support you in your business. It has offered you a wide range of tools that you can use to improve your visibility, rankings and even your business conversions. The main aim for any eStore is to increase its profitability with the best possible conversions. For this, they need to constantly work on improving the user engagement level as well as the user experience offered by the website.

How well you convert on an eCommerce site depends entirely on what you offer your customer. You need to tell them how good your product is as well as why this product should be bought from your site, in case the same product is available elsewhere. Google’s rich snippet aims to offer better visibility to the store customers, thus improving the click-through rates for your products and site and getting in more revenue. Before we tell you which five snippets you should have on your eCommerce store, let us begin by understanding what are rich snippets, and why you should have them on your eCommerce store.

eCommerce rich snippets are basically structured data which helps eStore owners to add some extra details related to their website as well as the content so that the end user has a better image of why they should buy from you. While you have definitely added crisp information, some of it may not be in the language that the common man better understands. This is why the rich snippets are essential. Rich snippets help search engines crawl better, and find relevant data that can attract your store’s end customers.

An excellent example of rich snippet would be reviews and ratings. Have you noticed how often you end up buying a product because you were able to see the ratings and reviews for the same? It is said 63% people are likely to buy a product that contains reviews. There is a lift in the sales by 18% if you add reviews and ratings to the product. Brand management is another goal that you can achieve through the snippets. You can control how your product is being talked about in the market, so that you can gain better conversions.

Now, you know what rich snippets mean to an online store. Let’s get started with the rich snippets you should add to your store.


This is the first rich snippet that you should add to your eCommerce store if you aim to improve your online business. Your first priority should be to make the search engines understand that they are crawling a product page and not a blog post. This will help the search engines produce relevant information on the search page, which will automatically get your relevant audience. It is important to add this snippet, so that it reaches out to the right audience and gets you the warranted conversions.

Ratings & Reviews

Third party testimonials matter to the buyers. They look out for referrals, who would claim if the product is worth buying or not. The overall ratings matter to the buyer, before they finally claim the product and press the buy button. Under such circumstances, where your end consumer is looking for reviews, if you go missing out on it, you may not get the conversions you were likely to receive. That’s precisely why you should include ratings and reviews snippets to your eCommerce store.


You would not consider buying the product if you felt that it is more expensive than what you had thought of. The first thing you want to know about the product is the pricing. You need to know how high/low it has been priced so that you can consider buying it. Highlighting the price would get you better conversions than keeping the price on the page. This will attract more attention.


Most users consider buying a product and then find out that it has been sold out. The snippet will show the availability of the product to the user when the search engine crawls, and this will help the user know if they should move on with the decision of buying or not.


Ad Words provides numerous rich snippets which will help attract attention of the shoppers, which will help improve the visibility of the ads. This will get you more conversions and improve your business.

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