6 Interesting Tips To Build Mobile Friendly Landing Page For A Website


Where is your customer landing on clicking a button or tab is an important aspect for every developer? If you are unable to define the landing page perfectly, you will lose out on important conversions for your brand. After every call to action button, it is essential that you place them on a spot where they can take the action. Designing user-friendly landing page is essential for every business. Till date, most brands have designed a well-defined landing page for the websites that are opened on the desktop. But, with the changing nature of digital consumption, it is essential that you start defining mobile friendly landing pages for the mobile users as well. You need to consider a 360 degree landing page definition which remains the same and offers the same user experience across the devices. Your landing page should be able to direct the person to the objective that you want to accomplish, and help convert better.

It is essential to have a good landing page campaign in order to define your goal well. Landing page optimization from mobile aspect should be defined, and here we will offer a few tips that will help you enrich your landing page designs.

Easy & User-Friendly Navigation

When deciding on web design part and designing a landing page, it is essential to design an incredible navigation experience for the users. When they land on the page, they should be able to navigate on the website easily. A crisp interface that helps the user to land on the most important content is essential. Let’s say, the call to action button is supposed to take the user to a registration page, then the navigation to the page should be easy and smooth. Work on building a smooth interface for the mobile friendly experience, such that engagement levels go up. Offer links to the content that you want your user to see.

Fast & Responsive

When the user clicks to visit the landing page, it should load fast to be a complete mobile solution. The page should be designed lightweight, keeping in mind the innumerable requests that are staged. The maximum loading time should be well under 5 seconds however look and feel also should be attractive with scaled images. The number of requests along with the data size can lead to a loaded site. You ought to keep the scripts shorter and size minimum for the mobile friendly experience. Get mobile optimized images on the landing page. Find out tools that will help the website load faster.

Keep it Brief

Don’t start writing a thesis on the landing page. You should keep it as short and brief as possible. Keep the content crisp. The reason being the sizes differs and the user will need to scroll down to read the entire content. Not many users will want to do that; hence you need to keep it within the mobile screen’s size. The content that has been written for the desktop pages needs to be cut to half in order to use it on the mobile landing pages.

Reduce Number of Pages

Always remember, you are designing a landing page for the mobile. The screen size is relatively smaller and too much content can cause clutter. Too many pages or too much of content can slow down the site, and lead to increased loading time. You will lose out on the conversions if the page takes more time than necessary to load. The landing page should offer an incredible browsing experience to the customers. You can even hire a web developer to take care of the landing page development.

Give a Headline

When you want to improve your conversions, or get more clicks, you need to work on the headline a bit. Your best call to action is received based on the headline. Make it catchy, and get more people to read it. The headline should be relevant to the content, and should create intrigue amidst the target audience. A headline takes a maximum of 8 seconds to read, and you should be able to convert within these 8 seconds

Thumb Friendly Pages

The landing page shuld be accessible using the thumb. The content, especially for the call to action, should be allowed a finger click. Make the button collapsible to the size of the mobile, so that anyone can access it easily, even while on the go. This will determine better conversions.

With these tips implemented, you are sure to gain more conversions to your mobile site.

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