7 eCommerce Mistakes Which Can Let Your Competitors Take The Icing Away


When it comes to eCommerce, you need to have an edge over your competitors, who are increasing in numbers. There are those who have just started out, while there are some others who have already mastered this segment. The main challenge for an eCommerce setup is to gain the conversions they desire to improve their profitability. Businesses are becoming aggressive in order to gain more sales. In the year 2015, it was estimated that eCommerce business would touch $2 Tn sales given the competition in the segment.

It is not just about offering good deals to your customers, but also about giving them a good experience aboard your eCommerce setup. If you are unable to offer the experience they desire, you might fail to get the conversions you have been looking for. In fact, you would be experiencing more abandonments of the shopping cart in the process.

Holiday season is very important for the e-Commerce owners; you should be able to give your shoppers the experience of a lifetime during the holidays. You cannot fail at this point, which is why you need to plan your holiday season beforehand. There are certain things you will need to avoid when planning for the holiday season. Here are a few mistakes that every e-Commerce owner should avoid especially during the holiday season.

Choice of Platform

When it comes to e-Store, you need to choose the right platform. Define your business goals, and the e-Commerce goals that you are planning to achieve with this store. These goals and the business requirements will help you understand what you expect from the platform you are opting for e-Commerce. You will need to research on the different platforms, and what they offer while choosing the platform. A comparison of the different platforms based on their features, pricing etc. will help you choose the right platform for your e-Commerce store. Don’t hurry into your choice of platform. It is a wise decision to choose a platform that fulfills your needs related to integration, functionality and customization.

Not Going Mobile

In this mobile-first era, it is important for every eCommerce store to have their mobile website or app. You cannot ignore the mobile as it is omnipresent in the digital age. For eCommerce ventures, conversions are very important for which you need to reach out to more people. Mobile is the platform where most of your audience is present, which is why you need a mobile optimized website for your store. It is important to have easy navigation and minimalist interface to give out better experience to the customers.

Ditching Email Marketing

Most businesses believe Email marketing does not reap the ebenfits it ought to, which is why they ignore it completely. This is essentially a mistake that you should avoid. According to statistics, buyers who purchased via email marketing spent 138% more than those who spent directly. More purchases occur through email campaign. This is why it should not be ignored.

Poor Quality Images

Images lead to conversion for an eCommerce business, which is why you need to put up high quality good resolution images on your store. Along with good images, you should have good descriptions to convey your message across.

Inept Site Navigation

Your interface and easy navigation will win you brownie points among your target audience, which is why you need to pay a lot of attention to these aspects. If you design an inept site navigation, which appears complicated and complex to the customers who come down to the site, you may lose out on your target audience. A smooth and simple navigation should be your way to go about winning your customers. Check your analytics to understand what issues your customer is facing when navigating through the site.

Complex Checkout

Checkout is the most important process of your e-Store. Merchants lose close to $18 Bn each year owing to shopping cart abandonment. Make sure you have an easy and simple to comprehend checkout process, which will maximize your conversions. Make sure you have mentioned the coupon code fields clearly on your page, as people tend to use coupons when checking out.

Complicated Social Sharing

Social sharing is a must! Make sure social sharing is made easy by introducing a single button on the image or the product page. You can optimize your sharing by including the icons the right way. With complicated social sharing, you can reduce the number of conversions.

If you avoid these mistakes, you can ring in more conversions and better profits for your e-Store.

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