8 Ideal Revenue Strategies For Restaurant Booking App


You Need to Be Using All of These Right NOW

Do you have a restaurant business already? Or you are planning to be the first disruption in your restaurant business?

Be it anything, the diners of today are smart and will think umpteen even before sparing a penny.

They will go online, check your digital status, compare it with others and if found interesting, they will visit you.

So choosy of the diners!

But hey! You have to be smarter and implement some of the Revenue Strategies For Restaurant Booking App that will fill in all the gaps so that your revenue is safe-pocketed within your restaurant.

Below are 8 such ideal ways to drastically increase the profit of your restaurant

8) Set up your Google+ Account

Why should my restaurant be on Google+?

Great question!

If you are under the impression that Google+ is too social, then my restaurateur buddy, umm, you are misguided.

Google+ has never ceased to be a growing crop for businesses and for the search engine optimization. The profiles created in here have an upper hand in getting ranked or positioned well by Google.

When a user searches for a restaurant within Google, the knowledge graph provides the details of the business in the right-hand sidebar.

The knowledge displayed here is mostly taken from the Google+ info and so, setting up a Google+ account has a fringe benefit to the restaurant business as the knowledge graph allows premium results for free!

This is on of the smart Revenue Strategies For Restaurant Booking App. Your restaurant can increase the probability ‘1’ of getting prospects from Google’s organic search engine result if you have a G+ account. Just like we have one here

The Trick to it
Post that smokin’-hot image of your special cuisine on occasions. Offer direct deals and discounts. Tell your audience why you are different from the rest and what special do you have to offer. If needed, make the ambiance of the restaurant photo-worthy and click a lot. Post images of random guests and tag them. (100% Retention strategy)

I. Circle Google+ Food Enthusiasts and Food Bloggers

II. Share Content

III. Engage your audience

7) Geo-targeted Ads

An ad that is deliberately designed to appeal Americans won’t appeal to Asians.


Even keeping the barrier of language aside, both of these have many cultural differences and that is where the geo-targeting ads i.e. Targeting a specific audience will form a greater picture.


Targeting on the basis of geography is another trick of revenue strategies for restaurant booking app that you would want to utilize to target as narrowly as a postal code.

According to a data, most of the people choose to dine in a restaurant nearby unless you are on a date and long-drive is at the top of the list!

Geo-targeted ads help you to save a hefty sum of amount on your advertisement expenditures, making sure that the diners of a certain radius are allowed to view the ad and avail deals and discounts, if any.

The Trick to it
The bounce rate to your restaurant website can be decreased dramatically since only the targeted diners are shown the ads of your restaurant. This also helps reduce the irrelevant clicks on the post.

I. Make use of the free digital advertising services provided by Google AdWords.

II. For each ad, select the location where the ads can be shown. This way, the ad appears for the people in those locations only.

III. Your target can be as large as an entire country, a territory, or as small as a radius around your restaurant’s location.

You can even make use of Facebook or Twitter for the Geo-ads targeting to target the right audience and increase profit of your restaurant.

6) Send out an email newsletter

How would you get into their minds without getting into their inboxes?

Email newsletters are very useful tools when it comes to revenue strategies for restaurant booking app. They help increase your restaurant brand awareness when you include required information about the handout to your diners.

This way it helps upskill your prospect with the help of the valuable information about the new menu that you have just introduced or any offer that you are running in your restaurant.

With the exception of prospects, even the diners can be retained by offering them loyalty points and rewards in the form of quest points.

If you have a powerful CTA associated with it, you can leverage the traffic and navigate to your restaurant’s parent website or blogs.

Here is a simple five-step process to develop a powerful email newsletter template.


Image credits: TRooInbound

The Trick to it
The major question will still remain as to what should the newsletter consist of. You can add:

I. Use the newsletter as an opportunity to tell the prospects about the milestones you have achieved or that your restaurant accommodated any special personality.

II. In the newsletters you can always put forward special menus suitable for a specific occasion or festival.

III. Offering discounts? Let your leads and regular diners know about it.

5) Monitor Your Social Media Presence

Of course, marketing agencies can help you get a good traffic and leads on your website, but then it is always better to take the steps you are capable to for your restaurant.

And when it comes to revenue strategies for restaurant booking app, I personally cannot help but brag about the many benefits that Social Media Platforms provide to the business in the form of exposure and a one-to-one interaction.

They can help you engage your audience with your services and page and there are high chances to navigate these leads to try out the physical service.

The Trick to it
I. Post high-quality images speaking on the behalf of your catering and ambience.

II. Connect with the food bloggers, invite them over, and let them help you increase the followers.

III. Connect to the chefs and local cooking-freaks and ask them to share their experience on social media platforms.

IV. Run contests and give away a free meal.

V. Running busy with the restaurant management? Make excessive use of Buffer to find, schedule, and share your social media posts.

Go YouTube. Create an engaging short and enticing video. Cross-share the posts and get your videos reach a larger pool of people.

4) Develop your Restaurant’s Brand Identity

Is your restaurant website in line with your brand’s identity?


One of the revenue strategies for restaurant booking app is restaurant’s brand identity. Today, every restaurant has a website developed. The competition level is going damn high and so, it is important to have a good visual appeal about the web presence of your restaurant to stand out from the rest.

If you are more of a cafe-type restaurant, make sure your website has a touch of it and not of fine-dining.


The prospects get a more professional feel when they see you on the website and it automatically creates an image of quality of the service that you have to offer to them.

In case, of any ambiguity or support required, having a good website helps build trust and loyalty and they are assured about the restaurant. This type of customer-vendor relationship sustain for a longer duration of time, thereby lessening the retention endeavors.

The Trick to it
I. Set up your Unique Selling Proposition to distinguish yourself automatically from your competitors.

II. Remodel your website if you feel it looks and feels outdated. You can get the best website designing and developing done here

III. Have your brand elements and symbols placed right on your website.

3) Offer Coupons and Discounts

At any instant of time you say people can save their money, you are likely to get the attention. Offering the prospects and leads discounts on their way to your restaurant is but the surefire way to instantly attract people into your store.

Downright, from enhanced revenue to your restaurant’s improved reputation, discounts, coupons, and offers can bring forte to your restaurant.


As diners would prefer to dine in your restaurant when the prices are comparatively lower than the usual, you can make a move and convert as many prospects into leads as many as you can. This is one of the very good revenue strategies for restaurant booking app

Moreover, you are running a business and you have weekly, quarterly, or yearly goals. The instant you feel you are low on your business, try giving offers and discounts.

The Trick to it
I. Make sure to create eye-catchy email templates, social media posts, and engaging videos to educate your audience about your offerings.

II. Plan your day ahead. Make sure you reach out the maximum audience and hence, planning ahead of time is crucial.

III. Engage your social media audience and see what they expect out of the event.

Choose the right time to offer discounts as it can make a huge difference in the success of your promotional strategy.

2) Loyalty Programs

It is best to acquire new customers, but it is proven that the older customers spend more than the new customers.

And so, after promotional offers it is equally important as revenue strategies for restaurant booking app that take care about the customers you got on board with the help of the loyalty programs. Loyalty has a huge impact on the frequency of the customers.


Loyalty programs do bring a far better ROI when compared to other marketing strategies.

It is a savior when it comes to cost and maintenance.

The Trick to it
I. Use the RFM measure to assign a loyalty score increase revenue for your restaurant. On the basis of the diner’s recent visit, the frequency of his dining, and the money spend every time, you can gauge appropriately who are the most loyal customers and accordingly you can plan out your loyalty program.

II. You can make use of quest earning. Let the end goal be to provide a free dinner to your loyal customer. In between, the diners have to try out the new menu or the like and earn the points to exceed in the quest.

III. The loyalty programs can also be achieved by giving reward points on the basis of the total charge billed.

1) Use Mobile Ads

How can we miss this as revenue strategies for restaurant booking app. It is approximated that by the end of 2019, the mobile ads will reach to the mark of $6.8bn.


Such wide and voluminous is the scope of mobile advertisements. These ads are of three types:

Click-to-download ads

The ad redirects the user to the App Store or Google Play store.

Click-to-call ads

This directly helps the users with the contact number of the restaurant so they can get their reservation done.

Landing page ads

The user is redirected to the landing page of the restaurant website.

The Trick to it
I. Make use of mobile big adjustments to control what you pay for the ads. You can have a limit on what you spend by setting a mobile bid adjustment for your keywords of the content or the ads in the AdWords. When you see success with the mobile ads, increase your mobile bids up to 200% of what you were previously bidding for mobile.

II. Create an ad especially for mobile which only is viewable to the mobile-phone users. You can create an ad group and target it at a local level when you are offering discounts or deals without any planning.

III. Keep your mobile ads short and interactive.

IV. Leverage the maximum of all the ad extensions, while keeping call extension at the priority.

The Wisecrack

The restaurant business is indeed a big one and it demands a concentrated shaping to make the revenue strategies for restaurant booking app as fail-safe as possible.

But all of the efforts narrows down to only three aspects:

.1) How qualitatively do you provide your service once your online marketing endeavors are successful.

.2) How well do you manage your marketing campaigns.

.3) How user-centric is your website.

Why website? Because it is the ultimate landing page and the user should not bounce off. Your website is the mirror of your restaurant and so you need to be very particular about it.

Do you want to reconsider your website development

Want to start a new restaurant business?

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