Abandoned Shopping Cart: How To Avoid On Your eCommerce Website


How many of you have literally abandoned the idea of shopping from an eCommerce website, having selected the product and gone through literally half the checkout process? The strange part is that you are not alone; there are many like you who sit through half the checkout process only to abandon the idea of shopping. As per statistics collected for the Black Friday Sale 2015, it’s seen that around 72.81% people have abandoned the shopping cart, after waiting for the site to load and after having selected the product. At least 7 in 10 shoppers tend to abandon their carts on a daily basis, stats say. This is about 68.55% of the shoppers.

For eCommerce solutions working towards building the user base and improving the conversions, this abandonment rate is frightening. They need to ward off this increasing rate by finding a way to reduce the number of abandoners, and this is possible only when they understand why do people abandon the shopping carts midway through their shopping. 58% of the shoppers have claimed that the shipping costs are way more than they had anticipated for the product. 57% had added the products to compare the prices and not to actually complete the shopping. 55% had added to save the product to buy later. 28% added that the shipping time was way longer than they had anticipated. This makes higher shipping cost, the time taken to ship the product and the not wanting to buy right away as top three reasons for the abandonment.

Getting more abandonments for the shopping cart is not a good sign, and to prevent it from happening, you need to take into consideration certain points. Here are a few tips that can prevent this from happening.

Checkout Page: Keep it Simple

During your eCommerce website development stage, consider developing the checkout page in a way that won’t be too troublesome for your consumers. Keep it as simple and intuitive as possible. A three step short checkout process will help reduce the abandonments on your page. Don’t make them fill out long forms, as that would lead to most people turning away from your eCommerce site.

  • Some of the best practices for the ideal checkout page include:
  • Have good testimonials that can push your consumers towards completing the purchase at the checkout page
    Don’t force them to register. Allow them to use social logins or guest checkout procedure to complete the purchase
  • Hiding shipping costs can be a disaster for your eCommerce website; Try to keep it open for view
  • Make sure the backend to the eCommerce platform is perfectly synchronized with the frontend, so that as soon as the coupon is applied it gets accepted and the purchase is completed

Offer Free Shipping

As we have seen above, the main reason for cart abandonment is shipping cost. You should include free shipping if you want more consumers, and wish to convert higher. With the free shipping included to the shopping cart module, you will win more consumers, and encourage them to complete the purchase they had started out with. 88% consumers are likely to convert if the eCommerce website offers them free shipping.

E-mails to Abandoned Carts

Reach out to those who have abandoned the cart, and care to know the reason why they abandoned the cart. It is easy to set-up an automated mailer which would respond to those who have abandoned the carts, and get to know if you can help them out in any manner. Sometimes, such mails help complete the checkout process, as they would have faced some issue at their end and could not complete it. It will also help you learn the points that need to be improvised on your site.

Secure Payment Options

Many people tend to abandon the carts as they feel the transactions are not secure on the eCommerce app developed that they are using to buy the product. It is important to offer security and convenience to the users if you want them to convert, which means you need to introduce more payment options than you have. Use cashless payment options also so that more people can make the payments and complete their purchases.

When you see an abandoned cart next time, you know what to do? You need to chalk out a plan that will help you reduce the number of abandoned carts.

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