Airbnb introducing “Journeys” module to enter complete trip under bnb site


Airbnb was introduced with the sole purpose of helping people find decent renting and lodging facilities. It had bed and breakfast listings for around 34k cities in 190 countries. The firm solely held listings only for accommodation, and had nothing to do with travel. So, basically it looked after a single aspect completely. The only marking difference in this bed n breakfast is that you have hosts who will rent out their space to you at affordable prices. Airbnb works more like lodging and renting marketplace. The revenue model for this company was unique in many ways. Let’s have a look at the revenue model of such vacation rental platforms before understanding the new module introduced by this website.  For travel site development, a business model plays an important role

How Airbnb Operates?

Airbnb has become the top-notch travel booking engine specifically for booking accommodation. It does not own rooms, but helps sellers and buyers meet at the right time and place to discuss and solve accommodation issues. Airbnb, a holiday homes site when it started out, wholly disrupted the defined traditional marketplaces.

This is similar to an online marketplace, where people searching for accommodation can meet their hosts, and converse with them. Hosts would be those who are interested in renting out their place, or some part of their place to the tourists. The hosts would recreate their spare space into a bed and breakfast suited for the purposes. The tourists can confirm their date of travel with the host, and negotiate a deal with them for those dates. The best part of this disruption is that you get a more local feel wherever you travel around the earth.

This trip booking site makes you more connected with the people in these countries, which make your travel complete and satisfied. How can you trust on the hosts listed on this travel search engine? This place provides reviews on all the hosts listed; all of them are real user reviews. If you face any issues, either during the travel or while booking with your host, or in finding the ideal host, then you can connect with the 24×7 support team.

Revenue Model

Airbnb has a unique revenue model, which is pretty direct. The company charges both the users and the hosts the same amount to build its revenue model. The guest fee charge in Airbnb is around 6-12%, and it is entirely dependent on the reservation total. The reservation fee percentage is inversely proportional to the subtotal of the reservation amount. The host fee is 3% for this website. This revenue stream has worked well for the company, and has built a strong foundation for it. The company is known to indulge in different marketing channels which help build its customer base, and eventually the revenue stream.

The New “Journeys” Module

With this new module integrated into bnb app development, Airbnb offers to help you book your entire trip. This means, you get to travel and stay with the locals, and get a holistic local experience of the place. Now, that’s definitely interesting! Currently, the firm is testing the beta version of this module. For this, the website sent out invites to all those looking for accommodation around San Francisco in December. This pilot test would help them test the feature. These trips that Airbnb is planning to organize, is basically interest based trips. So, if food is your interest, then the trips would be based on the food culture in the choice of place. For bnb site development, this module will improve popularity and flexibility

Currently, for testing purposes, three types of trips have been introduced by the firm for San Francisco- a natural treasures trip, a foodie focused trip and finally a mission locals trip. The price and inclusions for all the three trips were mentioned on the website, which would enable the users to decide which trip they want to go for.

This is just a beta test version, and so the website has built 3-5 days trip only. With time, if the module works satisfactorily, the firm will move on to include other types of trips too. With this new offering, the firm will diversify in the travel niche, and build a good user base. The revenue stream will be eventually adjusted for this new module. With time, it will be known how popular and useful this new module truly is!

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