Amazon’s Innovative step of launching “Launchpad” – a niche eCommerce platform to roll out new productions in UK


Amazon is your one-stop shop for all types of products, when it comes to eCommerce site development. It sells everything from apparels to home décor, completing all your needs while offering your convenience. It is truly the e-Commerce giant as it offers ease, convenience and all goods under one label. Amazon is to e-Commerce what Google is to search engines in many ways. If you want to buy something, you will hit on Amazon before moving any further. No e-Commerce has been able to offer the speed, convenience and flexibility that Amazon offers.

Why Amazon is Preferred by Brands?

It’s proven online shoppers simply love Amazon, and prefer buying products from this site. But, the lesser known fact is that even brands have an affinity towards Amazon, and prefer selling their products on Amazon. There are various reasons possibly, which are not truly known. Here are some speculations that we have made on why Amazon is the preferred unique marketplace development.

Warehousing that Amazon offers is incomparable. Amazon takes up this part of e-Commerce very seriously, and you can see it in the way the goods are stored, and the inventory is managed. Once you have given Amazon the duty of selling your product, it takes it up very seriously. From managing inventory, to ensuring proper storage space for the inventory to actually shipping it, Amazon does it all with perfection.

As a seller, you wish to concentrate on developing products that offer a unique experience to your buyers and end consumers. For this purpose, you want someone to take up the job of actually selling and shipping the goods as it can become cumbersome and tedious. Amazon is your one-stop shop for this purpose.

Amazon has warehouses set up at different places, and it has as many warehouses as it needs, and helpers and tools combined with technology to keep a check on the incoming and outgoing inventory. It has a perfectly assembled backend management system which will help your sales, and boost conversions.

The reason for this incredible ensemble is the way the distribution network works for this online shopping site. The multi-channel fulfillment feature allows sellers to fulfill their sales using the multiple channels offered by Amazon. This means, you can sell products from your own site or third party e-Commerce sites, and streamline it with Amazon so that you get the incredible shipping experience Amazon has to offer. This proves to be cost effective, efficient and fast, which affects your productivity in a positive way. The different delivery options available with Amazon makes the whole experience incredible and worth talking about. For example, you get the option of expediting the shipping process, or going for standard delivery methods. In the expediting process, you may need to charge shipping costs.

As logistics is taken care of by Amazon, you just need to concentrate on making your product better, and worth the consumer who chooses to buy you. The distribution hub is grand for Amazon, which is why you just leave everything from sales to shipping on Amazon. This distribution has been extended to the eCommerce app development indulged into by Amazon, after following the mobile trends

Launchpad: A Brief Overview

When it comes to selling and shipping start-up products, there are no major avenues available online. The main issue that start-ups tend to face is reaching out to the specific target audience. You may have a good product, but if you are not able to sell it to the right audience, it is of no use. That’s why Amazon came up with Launchpad. It is a niche eCommerce site, which works in a fashion similar to Shopify, wherein it works with crowdsourcing platforms, venture capitalists and start-ups to help them reach out to a wider audience. Launchpad is a portal specifically targeted towards start-ups to help them find a wider audience across the globe.

It was initially launched for US markets, and once it proved its worth, the portal expanded its outlets for the UK markets too. The start-ups can list themselves on this platform, and enable selling of their products on this portal. It will be able to find the right market audience for the products they have developed, and with the label of Amazon attached can stay assured about logistics and payment gateways. The strategic/intelligent revenue model  for Launchpad is similar to Amazon, which works on the merchant model. The revenue is generated for every complete transaction, and the percentage is defined beforehand. If you are setting a shop on Launchpad, then you will be charged subscription fees, as per the monthly plan you choose.

Such a portal was essential for Amazon, so that it can capture the markets that were out of its reach till now. With crowdsourcing becoming a buzz word, Amazon has targeted the right niche with its new portal launch. It is set to capitalize the new trend with its experience and expertise.  

If you are planning a similar eCommerce development, you need to strategize the niche and the trends affecting the niche. 

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