An eCommerce That Holds: Content Strategies


Content is what drives an industry on the digital platform. It acts as your sales representative, and helps you further your customer base. Without appropriate content, you are like a boat without an anchor sailing in deep sea. Survival in such circumstances becomes difficult for you as well as your brand, and that’s not what you need. Digital era requires some unique and absolutely defining content which will offer information to the end users, and be relevant to them. Any kind of irrelevant content is immediately rejected, and that could lead to reduction in the already existent user base.

This is typically true for eCommerce businesses, which are dependent on content from selling perspective. Right from defining the product to adding descriptions to the user reviews, all types of content management functions are essential to the end user, and your user base is dependent on that. User engagement is given more importance in eCommerce websites, and it is important to keep up this engagement to derive experiential shopping thus leading to customer satisfaction. That’s why you need good content on these websites, as good content will help you reach the ideal user base. Content should not be bland; add some tasteful content to make your website rich.

Weave a Story For Your eCommerce

For an eCommerce development, the art of storytelling is a must, if they want to be seen by their target audience. There are many story tellers, who use their product in weaving the right story. You can write the story around your product, which will prove to be impressive, and get many readers or viewers, in case you are telling the story using a video.

It is important to remember that each product has a fan following; you just need to identify your fans, and get them to tell you their story about the product. Engage your audience with a story mix that relates what you want to say, and what they have experienced with the product. It will help you win more people on board. Marketing is not just about talking; you will get more engagement when you start communicating, which means you need to allow them to talk to you, tell you about the product, and share their reviews. Yes, Web 2.0 has indeed made weaving a story and effective web design necessary if you want to improve engagement.

Align with Customer Needs

Any kind of development is not a standalone process; it is initiated by identifying the needs. When you start developing content to engage your audience, you need to identify their needs before beginning with content development.

What kind of eCommerce site do you have? How do you manage business? What kind of content is your end user looking for? What all requirements have they posed for content? Identify all this before beginning the content development work.

Your vendors speak a language, and the customers love listening to a different language altogether. You need to identify the difference between the two, and decide upon a content strategy that will definitely work for your brand. It is always important to align the content with your customer’s needs.

High Resolution Images

There are times when your eCommerce business will work if you use high resolution images with your content. Yes, pictures speak volumes, and you will see that pictures are better understood as compared to plain textual content.

So, when you start working on your eCommerce website, start working on the images and banners as well. These are the attraction points, which will get the customer to your website, and keep them hooked on to online shopping.

Many people create make believe sets to showcase the products. Keep the settings real; you will realize that it works better with the end user, as they would be able to understand how the product would actually appear in certain lights. This is especially true for the jewellery brands.

Genuine Reviews For eCommerce Business

Reviews are important for eCommerce websites, as reviews help the customers know and understand how the product has worked in the past, and if they should buy it or not.  It is extremely important to include genuine reviews on the website as that will help improve engagement on your website. That will even put up your brand as genuine.

So apart from look and feel, it is important to have the right content on the website

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