Best Remote Team Management Tools to Manage Dedicated Remote Developers


Let me ask you a straightforward question.

What’s stopping you from hiring dedicated remote developers for your project?

Besides the project abandonment threats encircling the development, we found that clients fear distorted communication and supervision the most. And definitely, the fear would have been legit if we were living in the previous decade.

But thanks to technology for bringing expertise at the click of a button and fingertips. Today, similar to the clients of TRooTech, individuals seeking app development at length and quality have their visions broadened to hiring dedicated remote developers for leveraging the best of the talents.

So, the insecurity of having no control over project development is redundant, with distinct project management tools available for developers, testers, project managers, and clients to be on the same page and resolve issues using the online forum.

Let’s talk about seven project management categories and the best remote team management tools for managing dedicated remote developers.

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1. Remote Team Management Tools for Project Management

Get rid of the long and confusing trail mails with project requirements all over the places. Incorporate the best tools for your project to avoid the messy requirements and take an organized approach.

Let’s discuss the top remote team management tools with their features.


Asana is synonymous with productivity. It boasts over 20 features that enable dedicated remote developers to communicate with a client and manage their scope of work. It supports web-based, iOS, and Android devices. Usually, it works well for small businesses, medium businesses, and even enterprises.

Below are the benefits that businessmen can enjoy using Asana to work with dedicated remote developers for efficient project management:

  • Powerful Search Filter to Locate Documents and Files
  • High-security Gradient to Store Confidential Information
  • One-in-all Communication Portal with Dashboard and Status Display of the Team.
  • Access Project History
  • Efficient Segmentation & Prioritization of Projects


Struggling to prepare plans and maintain schedules? Toggl is one of the right remote team management tools for you. The application enables you to gather all the information in one place for your team to access it and stay on track with the project.

It provides consolidated data, task management ease, drag and drop interface, job scheduling, timeline management, and construction planning features.

Let’s get to know the top advantages of using Toggl from among the other remote team management tools:

  • Efficient Planning of Milestones
  • Integrated Calendar to Enable Simple Scheduling.
  • Integrated Trello, Toggle Track, Slack, Google Calendar, and Github.
  • Ease of Use
  • Free basic features to us


Many times the issue is to find a project collaboration tool that is not limited to just being a communication and scheduling tool but also can ease the sales team’s hassle. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a once and for all solution, your search ends with Podio.

It additionally features CRM add-on, highly used by freelancers and small businesses to manage projects as well as customers under a single roof.

Learn about the top features of Podio emerging as one of the top remote team management tools:

  • Lightweight CRM with sales tracking facility
  • Webforms as well as email integration
  • Access Podio using mobile phones, laptop, desktop, and tablet
  • Integrated progress reports
  • Easy feedback workflow sharing with clients.

Zoho Projects

Do you believe in managing the protocols, schedules, and tasks efficiently in your organization? Zoho projects is one of the right remote team management tools for you. It has a scheduler, communication module-Cliq, timesheet management, invoice and expense tracker, and more.

In addition, clients can even take a bird’s eye view of the project and the total hours expended by the dedicated remote developers.

Let’s learn about the best features and benefits of using Zoho Projects as a remote team management tool:

  • Track task status and upcoming events
  • Weekly digest for managers
  • Evaluate team status
  • Track task progress chart
  • Set tasks dependencies


Basecamp is one of the most popular online project management and collaboration tools for dedicated remote developers. It allows project managers to assign tasks, organize contacts, people, monitor tasks, and progress.

Basecamp is a paid tool. However, if you wish to use this project management tool for dedicated remote developers, you can take a trial of the tool for 30 days and then choose it.

In order to make your decision-making process easier for you, below are some of the benefits of Basecamp as one of the crucial remote team management tools:

  • 24X7 technical support to clients and developers
  • Integrated user interface for viewing the team’s status and interacting with other members.
  • Access project details, maintain schedules, and view budgets
  • Clients and dedicated remote developers can manage the to-do-lists, view interactive Gantt charts, and communicate using instant messaging to other team members.
  • Kickoff messages writing features for describing new projects

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2. Remote Team Management Tools for Communication

Yeah! Physical meetings are different. However, when you are ready to embrace the best of the skills for your project by hiring dedicated remote developers, it is recommended to look for tools that can lead to communication efficiency.

Let’s discuss the five distinguished remote team management tools for communication for dedicated remote developers:

Real-time messaging?

Ability to archive messages?

Capability to search and share files? 



When it comes to offering seamless communication modules, Slack is a suitable choice. It has numerous internal and external sharing options integrated with it. It has advanced search filter options for users to look for files on the basis of relevance, recently accessed, and type.

Dedicated remote developers find numerous advantages of Slack as a remote team management tool:

  • User-friendly interface for clients and dedicated remote developers
  • Real-time communication means responsive communication module
  • Accessibility to private chat groups.
  • Internal and external file sharing ability
  • Highly compliant with leading productivity apps such as Google Drive, MailChimp, GitHub, Dropbox, and Zendesk.


Probably everyone working remotely has heard of Zoom. It does not need any introduction. Zoom is a scalable video conferencing app that enables users to get into online meetings. The platform can accommodate as many as 1000 members in a single online conference.

Let’s identify some of the lesser-known benefits of Zoom as a remote team management tool:

  • Integration with social media platform and Google Drive
  • Recurring conference calls are possible
  • Document and screen sharing options
  • Toll-free conference calls in different geographies
  • Integrated with UberConference and Salesforce

G Suite

G Suite is a product of Google Cloud. It is a distinguished enterprise productivity suite with cloud applications. Clients, project managers, and dedicated remote teams can efficiently access spreadsheets, calendars, documents, and presentations, among others.

eDiscovery and Cloud Search facilities help users to search all folders to locate the files. It can cater to a large-scale of the online corporate community.

Below are the advantages of G Suite as a remote team management tool to work efficiently with dedicated remote developers:

  • Digital whiteboard to display charts and explain concepts
  • Efficient spreadsheet creation and feature to edit them any time.
  • Easy company content search
  • Real-time collaboration with team
  • Live communication using audio and video calling features


UberConference enables users to conduct an online video-conferencing session. It displays the avatar of users using any device. UberConference is a suitable replacement for VoIP solutions, which turns out to be quite expensive for organizations.

It is a one-in-all communication tool that enables call controls, instant conference calls, custom hold music, and integration with social media applications.

Want to know the other features and benefits of the UberConference as a remote team management tool?

  • Highly scalable for use for all cohorts including freelancers, small business owners, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises
  • Private conference room locking features
  • Session recording option for training
  • Mute or kick members out of the conference calls
  • Integrated with Google Calendar, Slack, and Cirrus Insight


Twist is an effective communication tool that helps users to work in an utmost organized and productive way. Since it is tough to manage project requirements and specifications coming in from various places.

Twist has a team workspace that constitutes channels, which are made of threads and comments. Users can create a new channel as per their particular project demand and communicate specifications using the create a new channel feature.

Let’s understand the benefits of Twist as a remote team management tool:

  • Public and private channels for teams to carry out a conversation in that particular tab.
  • Notify right users and leverage messages for instant collaboration.
  • Customize notifications and stay connected using Twist
  • Classify communication into various departments, specific projects, and topics of interests
  • 24X7 Support Team to know the best practices and features

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3. Remote Team Management Tool: Time Tracking Tools

One of the most common issues that entrepreneurs face while hiring dedicated remote developers is time management. Time tracking tools help in knowing the exact time developers spend on their tasks. This helps in getting the billing cycle on track and you know you are investing the right amount of money in the project.

Let’s get to know the proficient time tracking tools for dedicated remote developers:


Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a popular cloud-based time tracking tool that helps you accurately track the time with regular screen captures to help you determine the most time spent on apps and sites.

It helps understand where dedicated remote developers are stuck. In such cases, open communications can help resolve challenges and enhance productivity.

Let’s get down to find out the benefits of Time Doctor as a remote team management tool:

  • Tracking of time, visited apps and sites
  • Intensify focus on teams’ tasks and find where they are losing attention
  • Integration with popular platforms such as Trello, Basecamp, Asana, Teamwork, and more.
  • White-labelling can be done for your organization
  • It can encrypt various information such as screenshot, records, logs, and other information


Paymo is a comprehensive project management tool that helps in improving the productivity of your team. Clients can handle projects and teams. It is integrated with platforms such as Slack and Google Apps.

Paymo enables the estimation of invoices, expenses, and calculations. You can access Gantt Chart and manage leaves. All-in-all, it is an exclusive HR processing and team management software with a highlight on the time tracking feature.

Below are some of the benefits of Paymo as a remote team management tool for dedicated remote developers:

  • Actionable reports and insights can be generated
  • Kanban board enables enhanced visibility
  • It offers extensive time tracking options
  • Flexible task views enable going through tables, lists, and boards
  • Schedule task and handle the workload


Timely is a scheduling platform that small as well as mid-sized businesses that offer complete control to set appointments and reminders for tasks.

It is a responsive interface with smart features and efficient organization of schedules.

Learn about the benefits of Timely as a remote team management tool:

  • An ideal tool for service-oriented businesses with its cloud-based features and functionality
  • Automated notifications and reminders using email and SMS.
  • Efficiently handle staffs, clients, and remote working employees
  • Compatible with devices such as PCs/Macs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Integrated with PayPal, WordPress, Google Analytics, Microsoft Outlook, and more.




TimeCamp is a simple time-tracking, project collaboration, and monitoring application that enables clients to track hours, tasks, teams, and generate invoices accordingly.

It allows easy management of tasks and dashboard and provides summaries about weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks.

TimeCamp has many interesting features and the following benefits:

  • Easy addition of projects
  • Efficient hour tracking and task management
  • Generation of billing and invoice
  • Integration of Salesforce, Zendesk, Xero, BaseCamp, and more.
  • Automation of workflow and data

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4. Remote Team Management Tool: Design Tools

It is a common fact that prototypes help give a broad idea about the project when it comes to life. In such a case, it is crucial to trust only high-rated design tools for efficient project management. If you are outsourcing your project to dedicated remote developers, you must know these top design tools.



Mockplus is a collaboration, prototyping, and design tool that helps in the creation of prototypes using the web, mobile, tablet, or desktop. It provides about 200+ built-in templates as well as over 3,000 vector icons.

It also consists of styles, elements, design creation tools, and storing options to access the designs for future references.

It does not have a free trial. However, the prices start from USD 199/year.

Let’s check out the unique features of Mockplus, ruling as one of the significant remote team management tools:

  • It offers shareable UI libraries
  • Consists of icons and components with numerous assistive features
  • Export feature with interactive HTML
  • It provides seamless collaboration with entire teams to share designs and prototypes
  • Cloud-storage integration means the files are not corrupted or lost. 


InVision is used for intuitive designing for creation, designing, as well as testing of prototypes on any type of device. The design tool allows designers to sketch, design, and even upload images from other sources to turn them into modules to test.

Currently, it is one of the most popular tools and is used by 1.5 Mn+ users across the world.

Let’s take into account the benefits of InVision:

  • It helps in conducting real-time design meetings and whiteboarding
  • It enables users to test and research
  • Clients can view design prototyping and suggest feedback
  • Collaboration features for instant commenting
  • Design prototypes can be shared in JPGs and PDFs


Figma is one of the crucial cloud-based designing tools that help simplify prototyping for designers. Figma operates on multiple operating systems–Macs, Linux machines, Windows PCS, and Chromebooks.

It is a common practice that designers leverage Macs and developers rely on Windows PCs. It acts as a common ground for these groups. Since Figma is a web-based design tool, it makes it easy for teams to collaborate.

It allows project managers to zoom-in on the avatars to see what team members are doing in real-time.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of Figma:

  • Integrated Slack for efficient team communication
  • Simple and flexible sharing of designs with team members
  • Sharing of live embed code snippets to use third-party tools.
  • Grouping options for easy editing of prototypes
  • Get instant review and feedback

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5. Remote Team Management Tools for Documentation

When it comes to the development of an app or a website, documentation is crucial for future references. The requirement for documentation is very specific. However, it requires a very less number of tools. Hence, it can be achieved with basic tools.

Now that we are talking about remote working teams, we are talking about sharing documents in real-time. Here are the top tools that enable such options and bring the required ease.

Google Docs

Probably everybody working with the Google Suite knows of Google Docs. It is one of the efficient ways to write and edit. You can create a document, make suggestions, edit, highlight, create tables, reports, and more.

In addition, it offers the ease to share the document with other users. As a result, it becomes easy to get feedback in real-time.

Let’s learn about the benefits of Google Docs:

  • Work with team members
  • Accessible in any device
  • AutoSave and storage facility
  • Chat with the team
  • Use multiple Add-on


Nuclino is yet another cloud-based documentation software that enables multiple people to work on the single document in an efficient manner. Teams can use the software to share information in real-time. It provides features to use board, tree, and graph for creation of various charts and presentations.

It has a unique feature–Smart Tags–that can help get you to specific pages. The Smart Tags section from dashboards includes a comprehensive list of tags that can take you to pages and help you create tasks.

Below are some of the advantages of using Nuclino:

  • Export data anytime, anywhere
  • It helps in tracking milestones
  • Making meeting notes and take project requirements
  • Share content with external team
  • It provides options to manage access to build teams and workspaces. is a powerful documentation tool that boasts collaboration features for teams to work on any digital content.

It offers exclusive options to create multiple workspaces for multiple stakeholders such as team, organization, cross-functional teams, dedicated remote developers, and clients.

Read more about the benefits of

  • Customizable user flow to break down the silos and bring on the collaboration
  • Maintain multiple documents smartly using folders and subfolders
  • Get incisive insights into the workspace
  • Enables to help you conduct smart searches
  • Offers document editor access


Etherpad is an editing tool for professionals, students, authors, and other users for creating as well as editing documents in real-time. One of the most distinguished features is that it uses a web-based editor to create pads and multiple team members can work on it.

A version control feature in Etherpad helps view and retrieve the older versions of various documents and save changes anytime.

Learn more about the benefits of Etherpad:

  • Authorship Colours for Distinguishability
  • Chat Functionality
  • Multiple Plugins
  • Enables Collaboration
  • Has Powerful Pad Feature

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6. Remote Team Management Tools for File Sharing

It is easy to nudge the team member sitting next to you and ask them for a file. However, the process involves multiple steps when working with a remote team. If your team does not have an organized process, you might end up having files and documents all over the places. That is where the importance of file-sharing tools come to play.



Dropbox is the default file-sharing tool for most of us today. It helps create multiple folders and decreases the stress coming in from storing and sharing data.

Dropbox offers various packages for businesses to make the sharing of files easy. It is a cloud-based solution that makes it quick to store, access, as well as recover files anytime, anywhere.

Learn about the advantages of Dropbox:

  • File collaboration is quick
  • Can be accessible on various devices
  • Data sharing and storing option for teams
  • Can create link to share with teams
  • Enables an organized approach with multiple folders

Google Drive

Google Docs is an online file storage as well as synchronization software of Google. Currently, it boasts about a billion users, It allows users to store files on cloud servers and access it anytime, anywhere.

By default, it allows 15 GB of storage space to all users. It can back up all the data shared to and fro from Gmail.

Let’s take a look at the advantages that Google Drive offer:

  • Google Drive supports 37 types of apps, including Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more.
  • It offers 5GB space to go for individual business owners, small, and mid-sized businesses. However, businesses with high requirements can buy storage space.
  • It can be used to back up and sync files and folders.
  • It uses artificial intelligence to predict files that are important in real-time.
  • The Google Drive API can create mobile, web, and desktop apps to read, write, and sync multiple files.

One Drive

One of the best-performing file-sharing apps in recent times is One Drive. It enables files to be saved and shared securely in the cloud. Companies can have full-control over the permission and accessibility of the storage space.

Let’s learn more about One Drive:

  • It boasts Window and Mac compatibility
  • It helps against data loss
  • Enables business collaboration
  • It offers 1 TB worth of storage space
  • It is a secured storage and sharing platform

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7. Remote Team Management Tools for Software Development

If you are a project manager or a person seeking app development, you might have heard of the term software tools. However, it is a tough task to identify the best software tools for coding. Hence, we have compiled and brought four useful software tools for you to work efficiently with dedicated remote developers.



When you are opting for a dedicated remote developer, you need to be well-versed with the software development tools. GitHub is a web-based code repository system that enables efficient resource code management as well as distributed revision control tools.

Below are some of the benefits of GitHub as one of the important remote team management tools for software development:

  • It supports over 200 programming languages.
  • It enables code sharing using GitHub desktop
  • It offers Zen Mode Writing experience
  • Supports collaborative code review
  • It offers robust API


BitBucket is an online project hosting software and solution. It has been built to host projects using Git revision control systems. It offers multiple features for dedicated remote developers to write codes and develop an app.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of BitBucket, one of the leading remote team management tools:

  • Integrated with Slack, Datadog, Zapier, Trello, JIRA
  • Easy Team Collaboration
  • Distributed Control Framework
  • Endless Private as well as Public Repositories
  • Enables Inline Discussions


CodeSandbox consists of some of the unique features that numerous other IDEs lack. It is a kind of online editor. It enables developers to choose a URL and start developing. Such a feature makes it easy to get started and share the files using the URL.

Let’s take a look at the benefits:

  • Easy to kickstart the app development process
  • Offers live collaboration
  • Consists of Classroom Mode to allow edit
  • About 30 people can connect at the same time
  • VSCode Integration is possible

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Have you Decided on the Remote Team Management Tools for Dedicated Remote Developers Yet?

Generally, companies offering dedicated remote developers have set project collaboration tools. So, if you are confused between One Drive and Google Drive or GitHub and CodeSandbox, you still have the option to talk to the company or remote developers. They can suggest you with the best tools since they use it on a regular basis.

We, at TRooTech, also find clients with the same dilemma. So, we ask for their project requirements and provide technical consultation about the best remote team management tools when they hire dedicated remote developers.

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