Cab Service Business or Car Pooling: Why Mobile Taxi App Is Necessary?


In the past, cabs meant the local ambassador taxis, wherein the per km rate was decided by the local cab owners. There was no real system in place, and you just needed to wait till you saw a cab coming. It could be several minutes or hours before you see a cab coming your way, and the prolonged wait could increase your miseries.
Today the way cabs are being consumed has changed. There’s been a leap in the way cab services function. Today, you have cabs that allow you to pre-book, have a more transparent transaction system, and charge lesser compared to the earlier ambassador taxis. In fact, these cabs save a lot of your time, and those miseries that you used to face with the local cabs have become a thing in the past.

With mobility, you can have the cabs servicing you at the tip of your finger. Mobile apps have started to offer convenience to the end user of cab services. A lot of top notch cab services, which include the likes of Uber, Lyft etc. have seen a rise in their bookings since the development of mobile apps for cab services. Businesses see mobile apps as an opportunity to get more conversions for their mobile app services. This platform allows the customers and the businesses to connect and communicate with each other and offer services to each other in real time. It seems taxi apps have become a necessity in the modern times.

How a Taxi App Works?

There are numerous taxi apps available on the store, each one differs in their rates and other features and functionality offered to the end customer. Whenever you want to book a ride, you will need to open the app, and choose the cab type that you wish to book. Some apps offer the facility to book a cab for a particular time, while others come with a singular “ride now” option. Once you have booked your ride, the estimated time within which the driver will reach you will be shown. The map will allow you to track the driver, and the route taken by them. The driver details will hover on the map, once the driver has accepted the request. The driver will have a start-stop facility in their mobile, which will help them calculate the amount that you will need to pay them at the end of the ride. The cab apps offer cashless payment facility too, wherein you can use the mobile wallets or other cashless wallets to make the payment.

On the driver side, they will receive a message for a ride. Only if they accept the ride will they have to go and pick the person up. They have the option to decline the ride. If a driver declines the ride, the message is passed on to another driver. In some cases, all the drivers within the area receive the particular message, and any one of them will need to accept the message.

Elements in the Mobile App

A taxi app should include few important elements which make them user friendly from the end user perspective. Location based tracking feature should be included in the taxi app, as it helps the app locate you, and then identify the drivers in your location. Map view will help the user understand where the driver is, and the route he/she is taking to reach you. The map view will also help the user locate the driver. It also permits real time tracking of the cab while it is approaching you. You no longer need to wait for a long while to get a ride back home. This app allows easy cab booking facility. You will have all the driver details in your pocket, which makes it easy for you to identify and locate the driver. With the payment going cashless, you don’t need to register your credit or debit card details.

There are many advantage of developing a mobile app for your cab service. You are able to reach out to more people, and the potential conversions are higher for a mobile app. You can engage the audience better with the mobile app, and the user retention is higher. The user friendly app with an easy to use interface will make sure your audience keeps coming back to you often. The social sharing will help you increase bookings and improve profitability.

Mobile apps benefit your travel cab business as it offers more opportunity to convert your potential customers. Feel Free to Contact Troo

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