Defining WordPress CMS’s Apt Use: Is It Best For Small Businesses?


When it comes to building your business site, the first thing that might come to your mind is “Wordpress”. Most businesses, irrespective of their size, business type and even content type try WordPress before choosing any other CMS. Most of their concerns are solved with WordPress website development, and they don’t really need to think beyond that.

If statistics are anything to go by, you can see how WordPress is ruling the site building market. 60.4% of all current websites that used site builders are being designed using WordPress as the platform. 23.8% of the websites online have been developed using WordPress as the CMS. With high ratings for usefulness, functionality and pricing you will see that this is the most sought after site builder for small businesses. They rely on this CMS as it offers apt solutions that are tailored to meet business needs.

The roots of this CMS lies in blogging. Yes, it was built for blogging, and slowly emerged as one of the best builders for websites. It is community based open source platform, so it is not just free but also available with large feature sets and functionality which will help evolve the business presence online. The community is responsible for a whole lot of contributions, which aim to enhance the overall experience users have with WordPress websites. WordPress with all its immense qualities has become the top choice for businesses.

Hosting with WordPress

Hosting with WordPress comes in two forms: Hosted and Self Hosted. Both versions have their own pros and cons, which you need to consider before getting started. Launching a website for small businesses means getting it designed and started. A small business may aim at sales from the website, or use it as a marketing tool.

For most businesses, the website is their sales rep, which will take care of their marketing and promotions. That’s why, you should choose the hosted form of WordPress solutions, as it allows you to get started with a website immediately. This is a free version, and the technical aspect of getting a WordPress site designed is handled by WordPress, so you don’t need to work on it. With the free version, you just need to select the apt design, and work on adding content. The rest is managed by the site builder.

Let’s say you have worked on the first phase of your website, then you need to boost the presence and visibility to increase the reach. You can easily upgrade your free website by opting for “Premium” or “Business” options.  You will be charged $99 or $299 respectively for the two upgrades. With the business version, you can accommodate the e-Commerce features for your business, and upgrade with high-end features and functionality.

For small businesses that have just started out, you can easily achieve well with the hosted version of WordPress. You can add plug-ins to increase the functionality or, buy a theme that will suits your needs.

The other version is the self-hosted version of WordPress. This is available for free on, but you don’t have limitations on what you can get done with this free self-hosted version of WordPress. With .org, you are working alone, and have no technical guidance to build your website. You will need to code your website based on your understanding, and that would require a good amount of understanding of the requirements. You can choose from the different Website design templates to get started with.


When it comes to WordPress websites, you have more flexibility and scalability options attuned to it. You will get options to deliver a more scalable solution with high-end features using the WordPress sites.

Content contribution is made easy with WordPress, and the WYSIWYG editor helps you define your front end with ease. The main aspect that draws it closer to a small businesses is the fact that it is pretty easy to use, and free to develop.

The communities aspiring to develop for WordPress is committed to their tasks, and keep up the standards for open source.

Of course, WordPress faces tough competition from other CMS as well. You will need to be sure of how WordPress will benefit you before you start off.

But, if you are a small business just starting out, then WordPress is probably the best for you.

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