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What are eCommerce Solutions by TRooTech?

A knotty answer to this would be A MUCH! However let’s simplify together while we take you on a route down.

TRooTech eCommerce Solutions are for everyone who wants to display, to sell, to rent-out or to market out their products, entities and/or services online through a web application/website, a mobile application or POS (Point-of-Sale) software to expand their hierarchical reach of business and definitely an enormous market on web and smart devices today in 2015.

Terminologically below are the definitions of the TRooTech eCommerce Solutions which will entail you crew to understand what to look for:


Marketplaces are for two kind of business crews, ones whose products are enormous and doesn’t make sense to be sold online because simply no matter how ecommerce has grown, it’s still difficult for people to make the transactions online with the trust issues if amounts are big. Examples of entities could be vehicles, properties, etc.

Second the marketplace solutions are for the business crew who is planning to leverage from allowing users (business owners) to market their products and/or services to the buyers/prospects.

Types of Marketplaces:

B2B Marketplace Solutions: For the business planners who are looking to build a platform online wherein the Marketers and Prospects both are businesses standalone.

Relevancies: Alibaba, IndiaMART, Trade India, EC21

C2C Marketplace: For the business planners who are looking to build a platform online wherein the Marketers and Prospects both could be individuals.

Relevancies: Classifieds Platforms similar to Craigslist, Gumtree, OLX, etc.

Core eCommerce Solutions:

Core eCommerce solutions mean the platforms which directly involve selling and buying through it and are for such business prime movers who want to provide the users (business/product owners) a platform or a space online through which they can sell their goods or services and get paid. It’s the responsibility of the platform to execute and distribute the transactions well in this case and are to be backed up by well thought payment flow.

Types of eCommerce Solutions:

B2C (Business – to – Customer) eCommerce Solutions:

For the business creators who want to provide their users (small and medium size business owners) a platform to list and sell their products and the users (buyers/prospects) to see and buy the listed details of products/services through search and display oriented features.

Further there are types to B2C solutions being the mainstream of eCommerce industry:

  • Multi-Brand Multi-Vendor Multi-Store Solutions
  • Multi-Brand Single-Store Solutions
  • Single-Brand Single-Vendor-Single Store Solutions

Relevancies: Amazon, Walmart, AliXpress, Flipkart (India), eBay, Taobao, Gilt, Etsy

C2C (Customer – to – Customer) eCommerce Solutions:

For the business architects who would like to provide their users (SMEs or Individuals) a platform to list and sell their products and services to the users (individual buyers) to see and buy details and products. The main difference here with C2C is that this kind of platforms can have the products/services listed for a resell as well and hence customer – to customer is defined.

Relevancies: Poshmark, Shop-Hers and More

B2B (Business – to – Business) eCommerce Solutions:

This is a new concept introduced recently by Alibaba. B2B as explained above doesn’t make sense with online transactions for purchases and hence suits well to marketplaces however there is a term called Minimum Quantity Selling which makes sense if thought from an angle to exclude window shopping enquiries for the Marketers. Though this model can be structured, initiators have to be thoughtful whether they are at first capable to take responsibilities of such big transactions.

These are the important categories for which TRooTech eCommerce Development Solutions will be well assistive.

The Hybrid eCommerce Solutions:

It’s 2015 and without forgetting, let us remember that the new experiments give an immense knowledge to be successful. Always a well guided mixture of above categories into one solution would be successful, a well guided to be honest though.

Let us know what are your mixture thoughts and we will be your molders.

Note: Only genuine business inquiries will be entertained so kindly take the Request for Proposal/Quote form serious as that is the only medium we can know you professionally and contact you for your solutions.

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