eCommerce: why is it booming?


Shopping is not just about picking a whole load of goods, and buying them. It is about the whole experience of understanding the product, before completing the purchase. Traditional stores had an upper hand in this matter. It added the touch and feel experience to the purchase idea, thus selling the product to you.

Imagine buying a high-end camera in those traditional store days? You could feel the camera, understand the idea of resolution it offered, and finally decide which one to buy. High-end consumption goods were built into an experience, which helped you choose the right product and buy it. The digital era has changed the whole consumption process for you. In the good old days, you could visit the store, pick up certain physical cues, and understand the capability of the store. It was like knowing the person before befriending them. But, things have changed slightly now! Your physical store has gone digital, and the only way to understand this store is by understanding the digital language. Your design and interface are the helpful cues that will get you through this maze of digital or eCommerce. The content and the digital experience will help you decide if the e-store is worth purchasing from or not. If you have had a positive experience at the e-store, you will be able to build the brand further through positive word of mouth. Shopping has become an experience combined with convenience, ever since it has been taken over by technology.

The convenience has removed the emotional experience associated with buying offline. Yet, you will see eCommerce website development is reigning in the digital world. So, what makes the experience of buying online interesting enough for users to flock towards it?

The Booming E-commerce

What is the main reason e-commerce is booming in India. The e-commerce is still in its infancy stage, you can say. It has occupied the space that China had occupied some time in 2007. It is predicted that the markets will grow from $17 Bn to $100 Bn by 2019. One of the prominent reasons for growth of e-commerce in India could be the increasing number of internet users in the market right now. Most people resort to the internet to complete most of their tasks which includes search, shopping, and experiencing many things.

eCcommerce is also booming thanks to the increase in disposable income offered to the middle class. There has been a rise in SMBs combined with a rise in the foreign direct investment in the retail sector. This has caused an increase in the online shopping behavior, which is also responsible for booming eCommerce. The eCommerce has become a necessity in the modern hours.

How Ecommerce Enhances User Attraction?

Trust-worthy e-commerce platform is a result of secure payment structure along with a good user experience. User experience combined with security assures a good presence for the e-commerce site. You need to find ways in which you can enhance user experience, because that is the only way you can have users rooted to your brand, and remain loyal to you.

One of the major concerns that users have when shopping at an e-commerce store is the loading time it takes. Your site should load in less than 3 seconds if you want your users to stay in. When the users press the back button, you will find that the site loads a bit too slowly. This bug needs to be cleared before you can call in users. The back button should take your user back to the previous page immediately. Customer satisfaction is the need of the hour, which is a result of excellent user experience. For this, you will need to offer a good interface. Your interface should be able to provide decent navigation, and should be intuitive enough to help the user go through the different tabs. Search functionality should be enhanced for a better user experience. Use good vector images to improve the aesthetics of your site. Users love to hear out what others have to say about your site, and products. Make sure you have user reviews included to improve the experience of your site.

ECommerce mobile app is a hot cake, as it offers both security and convenience to the user. With the right measures, you will be able to reach out to the right audience, and attract them to your store.

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