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Have you ever craved for knowing what’s going on behind the curtains of a certain live event going on miles away from you are siting. The answer is yes for many of us. We often wonder what goes on behind the actual event that everyone is seeing. We all, at certain point of time are interested in the real time look at the event’s off stage activities. Facebook, one of the largest social media platform is venturing in this direction with its live events feature and it’s starting off with Lollapalooza. It will feature the monitored photos, live videos and posts from the famous music festival.

Snapchat and Twitter already have such feature which show their users some curated live photos or videos for a live event. Twitter, who is a major player in this market is coming up with a new feature by the name, “Project Lightning”. This feature focuses even more heavily on the live events and promises to bring even more relevant behind-the-scene events for its users. On the same front, Snapchat has Our Story feature which works on the same principle of brining in the content other than the usual media.

The functionality which Facebook is coming up with for brining in the live updates from the events, is bundled in Place Tips feature. This was launched by FB before few months, to come up with useful information and live updates for the events going around the user’s location and display it in their newsfeed.

Lollapalooza is the first event which is featured in Place Tips wherein the users can have the feel of being and feeling the event through the updates while they are actually not attending it. Although, it is an experimental phase as of now but FB has entered in this stream and it we can surely expect them to keep getting in the future events as well pretty soon.

With such new ideas by the social media giants, the social media developers surely need to sweat out to include these new features in their development modules.

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