Features and Future of Travel Portal Development


Travel seems to be gaining new heights with the evolution of digital age. A lot of travel sites have come into existence challenging one another, and offering convenience to the end user. The newer technologies and systems have assured a good travel site that will take care of your complete travel needs. Travel solutions have been segregated into travel portals, travel sites, ticketing sites, booking engines, module wise solutions and even hospitality solutions. The different services are integrated to offer a solution that will be one-stop for you.

Let’s take an example of Expedia. It started out as an airline ticketing solution. You could book airlines using this portal solution. Eventually, Expedia moved from being a mere ticketing solution, to a module wise travel portal solution. You could book hotels, cabs, airlines, buses, trains etc. using this single solution. The data would come from the individual travel booking engines, and would be distributed to the users using the global distribution system. Many APIs, booking engines, modules and even solutions were at work to offer the convenience of booking from home. It offered honest solutions to help you get access to travel anytime anywhere. In fact, now with the age of mobile drawing in, a lot of solutions are related to the mobile.

Travel Portal Development

Travel portal is essentially an online place where you can perform all your travel related bookings. A travel portal  development is either specific to a travel purpose, or is meant for more than one travel needs. You can have a portal for bus and a portal for train bookings, or a single portal managing both. The travel and hospitality solution can also be combined with the travel portal solution you are planning for your business. The type of travel portal development you are planning entirely depends on the business needs and the objectives you are planning to fulfill with the travel solution.

You need to consider the type of travel portal you want, and the database that is required for the same before you can begin developing the travel portal. There are many types of travel portal solutions offered, and each solution uses different types of technology that seem to adhere to these needs. Majorly used technologies include XML binding and white label solutions, the choice of which depends on the kind of solution you are planning for your portal. Your portal will integrate global distribution systems, XML and APIs from the different air, hotel, cab booking engines, and present it to the module you are displaying.

In most cases, for hotel booking, you will be using a combination of XML and API, and integrate the two for a defined solution. The air ticket booking engine is linked with the API through the GDS. This will help you build the database, fetch the required data and serve it across. There are different APIs for car, bus and agent booking. Your portal would be developed using either of the two solutions mentioned earlier to help you gather data from the different APIs.

Features of Travel Portal Development

Travel portal development starts with the idea that will build your business, and will move on to understanding the solution that will deliver the travel portal you have defined. There are some features that come along with travel portal development, which benefits the user trying to book using your portal.


The different application programming interfaces would be integrated using GDS suppliers like Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus etc. The live inventory from these interfaces would be integrated to the travel portal using the GDS, which would later be displayed at the front end as search results. The user can look at the results and click on the one that suits their requirement. This convenience offered in terms of search and booking is due to the ability of integrating the different functions of travel onto a single platform.


If you are a customer trying to look for booking options on the travel portal, you can use the wallet to process the payment. This cashless method of payment helps you stop looking for the wallet all the time. In fact, if you have cancelled a reservation, you will receive cash in the wallet which can be used for the next booking.

With such interesting features, travel portal development is surely the need of the travel hour.

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