Foursquare Towards Travel Business Development, Adds Travel Review Feature


Foursqare has come a long way since its inception. It started as a social media site that allowed you to share your location. From a simple social networking app, it went on to become a local search and discovery app, which allows you to know new places, based on the places you have visited in the past.

With the addition of a new travel recommendations feature, Foursquare is now one among the travel business development niche, who will help you know where to go, and what to take along with you when planning a trip. From a social geo-location app, it has evolved into a travel app. It will guide you for the upcoming trips based on a guide that has been defined based on your past travel shares and interests, which you have displayed on this app.

This new feature is pretty simple to use, and will redefine the travel industry. You need to provide your travel destination, dates and other personalized information that you wish to share. A link would be generated based on the information provided by you, which will then be shared with friends and family. Your friends and family will be able to visit the link and recommend places that you can visit. They can even send you customized tips and suggestions based on your needs. These suggestions are saved in the form of a list, which is then stored onto a map. You can access it on-the-go, as the information is saved on your phone.

This new tips feature is essentially a part of the list interface, but is definitely more user-friendly compared to the list feature. This is definitely a one-stop solution to your planning needs. This new feature gives your business a new way of getting listed and gaining visibility among your audiences. You get to share your interests and get feedback or suggestions from friends and family.

Revamping the App

The social app which started out for sharing locations has now become a tool for local search & discovery. Users can follow others and receive local recommendations on places they can visit, and things to do when in a particular city. Made for Android and iOs devices, this app allows you to discover nightlife, restaurants, shops and other places of interest nearby your location. You can personalize your recommendations based on your history and your interests, which you have already stated.

Gone are the days when you had to fill in long review forms, or long message based tips for a particular location. Foursquare as a travel business development company allows you to write tips that are as short as 200 characters. this app allows you to add photos and share other types of information using the app. The tips that you have shared can be set to expire within a short period. With this Foursquare can be included in the list of Review and Rating platform.

Users can like the tips that have been left by others. They can even share the tips that have been written by others, or follow users who are prone to visit places of their interest. Basically, it is a social discovery tool with a slight difference.

How it Helps Businesses?

Businesses can use this app to promote their products/services to the users. With Web 2.0 feature of reviewing an app, and then sharing these reviews, users can know what is the in-thing in town. From places of interest, FourSquare has moved to becoming your travel planner. For small businesses, this tips feature has indeed created a new opportunity to gather user base. The feature can help businesses get noticed. The location data is made available to the people, and the same feature has been extended to travel as well. Let’s say your friends and family are visiting a particular place, and they share it on Foursquare. You will know what they have to say about it, and using the discovery tool, you will know if they recommend visiting it or not. You will also know what the places of interest in that particular location are as they would have shared the reviews for the same too.

Businesses in travel industry can actually get an edge if they are on Foursquare, as people can announce them as travel planners, and enhance their business presence. With the location data, and ability to review places, both businesses and customers can leverage Foursquare. If you are considering web portal development, you can always create an experience similar to this to unleash the potential of businesses.

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