Healthcare Technology in 2020: The Future Arrived Sooner than Expected


Healthcare industry doesn’t need an introduction. However, it deserves one.

That’s because it has evolved beyond recognition in 2020.

Did I just hear–”How has it evolved?”

Well, the shift from the fee-for-service care model to value-based care model. While on-demand businesses sparked the trend of ‘customer-centricity’, healthcare did pick up the pace and is following the patient-centric approach to get big in the big-billion healthcare industry.

Cutting short the glories, here’s a broad glimpse of the healthcare industry in 2020:

  • Shift in demographics
  • Evolution in patients’ preferences
  • Novel market entrants
  • Incorporation of digital technologies
  • Introduction of new business models

The healthcare industry in 2018 and 2019 saw a slowdown, owing to the currency fluctuations and geopolitical tensions. However, 2020 has set the growth tone for 2021, which means more healthcare technology and less manual processes in the domain.

Once you check out the headlines of the significant technology news of the healthcare industry, we have a personalized prediction of the healthcare industry in the end for 2021.

Let’s get you to the revolution that the healthcare industry in 2020 underwent.






The focus of the healthcare businesses in Q2 of 2020 was on the addition of new features.

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Healthcare Industry in 2020: The Future has Arrived

The future of the healthcare industry has arrived sooner than most experts ever anticipated. Among the other megahit industries of 2020, we found that healthcare is a booming industry.

The impact of COVID-19 in the healthcare industry was heavy. However, it accelerated the healthcare industry by at least 3 years. The innovations in the healthcare industry in 2020 is the stepping stone for businesses in 2021 and beyond.

Agreed that the easy availability of vaccines will take over the COVID-19 apps. However, there’s more room for business growth if you do a little permutation and combination with the other industries.
Take an example of the insurance companies. The price of the vaccines might be a little too much and that’s when the blend of insurance and healthcare can make a good business.

Another one for you–the paradigm shift from in-person consultation to a virtual one has already established. Diseases aren’t going anywhere and this behaviour will stay until the next disruption. So, there is another opportunity worth capitalizing on.

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