How HomePage Redesign Can Increase Site Engagement By 42.7%?


Your user is likely to search for your website the moment they hear about you. Your brand is judged on how your website looks, and if it delivers satisfaction to the users or not. Your website is the first impression you create before your audience, and that’s why it is important your website is aesthetic and elegant with a simple and intuitive interface.

It is a major decision to go for redesigning your website especially your home page. You should have a solid ground to go ahead with this redesign. Let’s have a quick look at why you should think about redesigning your home page.

Reasons to Redesign

Why do you need to redesign your website especially the home page? Here are some specific reasons that could lead you to think about redesigning your home page. For a while, since you have designed the website, you have been unable to reel the results that you had wanted. You wanted to build your customer base with this website, but the bounce rate has unfortunately gone up since then. The call to action does not manage to get conversions. You have a website that is filled with content, and seems too clumsy. The site’s loading time is also reason enough to ask for a redesign. Second reason could be the change in goals or purpose of your business. When you started out, there was a certain mission associated with your business, but that seems to have changed with time. Now, you are more interested in achieving another goal. That’s why you need to redesign. The current trend demands responsive sites. If your site does not fulfill this goal, it definitely needs to be redesigned, as only then will it be able to capture the people using devices other than the desktop. Competition, and their redesign attempts could also be a reason for you to redesign your own website. Finally, integration of third party tools or the need for a better content strategy could also make you want to redesign your website. Whatever the reason be, you should first have a good redesign strategy and goals in place.

Goals for Redesign

Once you have thought of redesigning, you need to work on the goals to redesign the website. The first goal in most cases would be increased engagement on the website. When your customer visits your site, you want to ensure that they stay around for a while, get involved with everything that you are offering, and don’t leave. If you are a product based website, you should try to keep them engaged with the products, and how you display them. Second goal would be increase in conversion rate. Here, your call to action plays a pivotal role. How do you want to make the call to action better is a worthy of discussion. Try to find out ways in which you can redo the content that involves your call to action. It should hit directly, and should work well for the conversions.

The Redesign Strategy

After you have established the goals, and defined a purpose for the redesign, you need to work on the strategy that will help in redesigning your website and make up with the required website development or changes. You will need to understand the portions that need to be redesigned. You will need to work on the roadmap towards redefining the website to match the purpose of the site. Try working on a blueprint as that will give you a better idea on how your website should be, and how to make it better to match the needs defined.

After the website is ready, run a pilot test among select audience to get feedback. The feedback should be worked upon, in order to improve the website in line with the audience needs.

The Incredible Results

Redesigning with a purpose, and a different mission can help boost the business. When the redesign is made keeping in mind the changed goals, you will get more defined audience on board. This will increase the conversion rate. The website is more relevant to the audience needs, and talks on things that the audience is more interested in knowing. This is why when the homepage is redesigned it leads to a good amount of engagement and conversions on the site.

If you have redefined your purpose, or are failing to achieve your targets, try redesigning the website.

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