How to Increase Your App Downloads and Improve Mobile App Ranking


You need to adopt the mobile first approach, if you want to reach out to people in your target audience. Efforts need to be put into establishing a mobile visibility, as most people perform their searches on the smartphones. One of the many factors that have led to increased use of smartphone is the convenience and mobility it offers to the user. When designing for the mobile, you need to make sure you don’t compromise on the user experience you offer. Before starting with development, you have to decide whether you need a mobile app or a mobile website. Mobile apps require efforts in devising app building as well as app marketing strategies.

It’s not enough to build the perfect app and market it, you need to ensure you have enough app downloads too. Search rankings and optimized apps will improve your conversions. Here, we will discuss what you need to do after creating the mobile app. What methods should you adopt to improve your ranking and increase the app downloads?

Work on Increasing the Traffic

To improve your rankings you will need to work on increasing your rankings. A minimum of 5000 to 10000 downloads is required for you to appear as a ranked app. How will you increase downloads? You need to work on getting traffic to your app, and this will happen when you put in requisite efforts to optimize your app. Tailor all your marketing efforts to achieve a good traffic on your app, which will eventually lead to increased downloads. The key is to attract as many users as you can.

Consistency is the Key

It is not enough to get substantial number of active users for your app; it is equally important to maintain this number. You should have a consistent number of visitors on your app to maintain the app rankings. Till you get the required recognition, you should at least try to acquire 20000 visitors every month on your app. This will help boost your app rankings. Consistency is equally important.

Good & Genuine Reviews

Community reviews help boost the app’s rankings. If your community gives good reviews to the app, it will be downloaded by more people. The genuine reviews will generate more interest. You would obviously trust the community more than the app description when it comes to downloading or using the app. The review not only builds your brand reputation but also helps attract potential users to your app. If reviews are bad, your app rankings will suffer. You should never resort to fake reviews, as they don’t help improve brand’s value.

Always time the review pop-up. It should appear just when the user is ready. If the user has just arrived on your screen, and you ask for the review box to pop-up, you may lose out on the user.

Add Quality Screenshots

Images help build your app’s value. If you add high quality screenshots to your app description, you might get more views and increase your app rankings. The screenshots should help the user understand what your app does, and how it works. It should be a good shot of the app, such that the picture itself communicates all that you want to say about your app.

Integrate Social Media

Social sharing is a necessity from interaction and engagement point. You can promote your app in the different social communities your target audience is believed to be in. A good social media strategy will help win more audiences, and increase downloads for the app. The social media content should highlight the positives of the app, and make the user want to download the app.

Simple & Clean Design

Aesthetics play a vital role in increasing the traffic for your app. The look and feel of your app is as important as its functionality. The icon should represent what the app does, or what the brand stands for. Avoid being too flashy with your designs, as it can make your lose out on potential users. Ensure your designs are simple, clean and intuitive. An easy to use interface will help improve downloads.

With these techniques you will improve your app rankings and downloads. Make sure you have mentioned everything about your app in the description space, and have a completed profile uploaded to the app store.

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