How To Put Local Business Directories On Best Use For Your Online Business?


Moving to local markets will help build relevance for your brand. You will find more targeted audience in the local markets, and you need to reach out to them. Google has understood the importance of local markets well, and has begun directing optimizing strategies to improve your presence in the local markets.

Why is presence in the local markets important? Firstly, you have audience looking at services being offered in their vicinity. Normally, people would not want to go out of their way to find services or products. They would prefer something that is located in their area or in their vicinity. Nobody wants to identify a service provider located in a different city, or avail products from a totally different market, unless necessary. Even the local specialties need to be pronounced with local optimization strategies to make their presence felt online. For businesses operating in certain markets, the rankings for local searches help deliver a good user base which effectively converts. So, if you are targeting markets and local audience, it is important for you to have a good local presence online. Let’s say you are a weaver in India. When people search for “affordable weavers in India” or “affordable weaving services in India”, your business should be displayed in the search results. This is the power of localized optimization.

How Business Directories Help?

If you look at an average search, you would see that approximately 20% searches include a local place name. Interesting isn’t it? It is even more interesting to note that about 70% people use local search online for any business offline. If you are not displayed in the search results, you miss out on the relevant audience.

This is where business directories play a prominent role! To effectively position your brand on the local search results, you should have placed your brand on the local business directories. This will help in local SEO, as Google maps the local business directories to display your name. You will see that your competition is high, and getting noticed is something you can’t afford to ignore. That’s why getting listed helps. With the address and contact details, you have mentioned in the listing, Google will be able to identify your business and list it out in the searches. Some business directories allow users to rate the service, which helps Google know how good or valuable your brand is to the user. Such directories and review sites are basically data banks which help build your reputation online. Some of the listings and review sites work towards giving 100% correct information.

How to Improve Your Directory Listing Search Ranking?

When you are working on a business listing, it is important to optimize the whole content. Search for keywords that are relevant to the local market, and use it to build your listing. These keywords should be the ones that best describe your business or the service you are offering. Make sure the keywords are used well enough for crawlers to pay attention towards them.

When you are listing on a business directory, you should consider Google and its different tools. You should know how Google has integrated the different tools, and process your listing accordingly.

Google+ is a powerful tool. It is a social layer for Google which helps enhance the search results and branding capabilities of the business. It is the second largest social networking tool. Apart from Google+, Google has other tools namely Google places, Google+ Business Page and Google+ Local. A business should understand them all, as they are relevant for your local strategy. Once, you have a good enough understanding of Google and its tools that help build local searches, you should start with the listing. You should include all the details that Google fetches using these tools completely in the business listing on the local directories. There are too many free listings that can help you achieve organic results. So, you don’t need to consider paid listings when listing on popular business listings. Work on getting good reviews. Produce real photos and videos which will help the users understand what you do.

Business listing is important for all local businesses to establish a local presence. Give importance to Google and its searching techniques to establish effective optimization methods.

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