How To Strategize Your App Launch Like Prisma Photo App?


In the not so recent past, the Prisma photo app has become the mad-hatter craze across the world. You will see everyone uploading their Prisma photos on their social media handles. Suddenly, everyone has taken to this app like lime to water, in the best possible way. An iPhone only app, there has to be a reason why this app grew popular amidst competition.

Let’s understand what Prisma app is. It is basically a photo filter app, wherein your photos are converted into modern art potraits or, amazing artworks. But again the same question arises. It isn’t the first time that a photo filter app has been laid out to the app users. How is it then that Prisma app gained more popularity compared to others in this segment?

One of the best things about Prisma app is the photo finish, and the famous artists whose works have been added as artworks for your photos. These two act as primary holders for your Prisma app. But, let’s delve deeper and understand how Prisma app has gained its popularity in a tough and competitive segment, where users loose interest within a day or so. This app has not only got their attention but also managed to keep their engagement levels high. It is a perfect example of good mobile app design.

High Quality

The one thing that really works in the app’s favor is the quality of the results it produces. At the starting level, you would see that prisma app is just like the many photo filter apps that manage to convert your photo into an artwork. But, dig a little deeper and you would realize that this is slightly different. The app not only flourishes top artworks from famous artists in Russia but also gives your photo a quality finish that looks just like the masterpiece worked upon initially. The reason is the use of neural networks which has ensured high quality and good results. The app does not just add a filter, but actually redraws the photo in that style.

Speed of the App

What matters most to the users who are using the app is speed of the app. If your app can perform an activity without making users wait for too long, you are good for them. That’s what happened to the Prisma app. It converted their photos into masterpieces within minutes, unlike any other app in that segment. This captured the attention of the audiences, and they simply could not stop using it. The secret of speed is the fact that the app transmits parsing through the cloud, which makes things easy and fast.

Encrypted Storage

These images that are uploaded to the app are fed to the neural networks on the server for a short period of time in an encrypted format. This is to understand the algorithms regarding what exactly is going on with the apps installed onto the phones. Everyone is interested in understanding how many photos were converted, and the quality and speed of the app. These encrypted photos are then deleted from the server after processing the algorithm, thus maintaining the user’s sanctity.

Famous People are Using It

Even the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, known to have a love for technologies is using this app. This will tell you just how popular this app is. This app is Russia based, and anyone and everyone from Russia who owns an iPhone should have this app in their phone. A lot of celebrities are also adding this app to their phone, and are shown to love this app just as much as anyone else. The reach of this app in just a few days talks a lot about its capabilities, and how good the app is in reality.

Monetizing the App

Currently the app makers are basking in success and planning for the future altogether. They have received investment to further the app by Group, and the amount is $2Mn. They are also looking at incorporating compatibility with Instagram to make things smooth for the photo app users in the near future. But, that’s still in the hypothetical stage.

This app has seen approximately 1.6 Mn downloads in less than 2 weeks, which says a lot about its potential. Let’s see which path the app takes for the future.

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