How To Transform A Startup Into Business?


For a startup, acquiring customers and growing at the same time is the most difficult deal. You would have read up all the material, and would have literally worked on all the tips & tricks available in order to grow your startup and get more customers on-board. While there are just too many resources available to grow your startup, the information can confuse you or, can be repetitive and not really helpful.

At this point, instead of going with the material that is available, it is time for businesses to think slightly outside the box. The usual tips that help you grow your startup may or may not work in your favor. Some of the common tips include build your target audience, personalize your offerings to the target, or measure your marketing. It is also said that you need to optimize your marketing channels according to the target audience’s preferences.

While all these work, they are pretty generalized tips and may not literally translate into conversions worth talking about in your case. The question is whether you looking at all the right things or, the right factors to grow your startup.

Here, we will discuss a few tips that you have probably never considered or, have never thought about. You need to go beyond the usual to improve your business and further it.

Go Beyond Facebook

Social media is definitely the one-stop shop when you are thinking of furthering your business and improving profitability. It is an important aspect that you need to consider when channelizing your efforts in online marketing.

While it is important for you to have a comprehensive social media strategy, most enterprises look no further than Facebook for online marketing. Almost 96% of the small businesses have established their Facebook presence. 63% have their presence on Twitter.

The main question here is whether social media is just about the big and established social media platforms? Pinterest is all about showcasing your products using beautiful pictures, and getting people on-board. This platform allows you to create your business account as well, and get more followers on board. There’s quora that is growing bigger with time.

The platform you select depends exclusively on the type of business you are, and the people you are planning to target. There’s Stack Exchange and Github specifically made for the businesses that deal with software services. You need to build your presence on social networks that are not the usual ones, and you need to establish your presence on them effectively to grow better.

Find Business that Network

With the increasing number of products and services, companies have started working on finding customers that could be interested in the products and services. Instead of doing the hardwork of finding the ideal customer for your business, take help from these companies, and allow them to take up this task.

One of the biggest website that is dedicated towards finding and promoting high quality products is Product Hunt. You could possibly take advantage of their promotions, and establish your presence on the online channels.

You can also check for websites like Beta List that connects visitors with new startups, and establishes a network in the process. In fact, here you can even conduct a beta test of your product, and work on the feedback before releasing the main product. These websites help build your reach, and allow you to maximize your product visibility right at the start.

Establish a Process

A well-defined process helps improve productivity, and keeps your startup more organized. You can use the productivity tools that can improve efficiency within your business. Combine a proper workflow with the tools and gadgets to save you the efforts that go into building a startup.

Chances are you would begin working haphazardly, and not be able to achieve a single thing at the end of the day. Instead, try dedicating three days to defining the process that will help you improve operations of your startup, and then begin working. In these three days define the workflow, research and define the productivity tools that you will benefit from, and then begin working.

It is obvious that the traditional growth channels still work, and you simply cannot ignore them. It is all about combining the traditional with something that is offbeat to maximize your reach & visibility.

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