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Just about two decades ago, making a phone call to your near and dear ones would cost a dime. You would have to wait in the line, just so that you could hear them on the other end. Today, the virtual network ate into the business of telegrams. Since the advent of virtual social networks, which helped friends’ socialize using the internet, you find it easier to communicate and stay in touch. Orkut, the first ever social networking site, changed the ball game forever. It began the era of communication using internet. You started looking for friends; you had literally lost touch with. In fact, Orkut helped make new friends online. It started connecting you across the global spaces.

Today, internet has spread its wings, and so has the virtual network. Newer devices, internet options, and messaging apps have taken the slice. A wide range of platforms have come alive, offering virtual social network. It all started with content sharing, using blogs, which not only initiated communication but also managed to enhance the virtual network. With Orkut and blogs, the social network was good, but it took Facebook for likeminded people to begin communicating, and create groups.

When the devices increased, social app development also increased. Each app was created to rekindle grouping and sharing. There were specific features introduced in most of the apps, which worked well with the target audience. Let’s have a look at the features of similar business model, and how it worked for them.

Features that Social Apps Offer

Social app development began with a purpose of helping build communities and groups for like-minded people. Each group is based on the interests, or location, enabling people to talk of the common things.  

User Defined Groups
Users should be able to define their groups. This way they can group their friends, and identify them. Organizing your contact list becomes easier with this feature.

Automatic Groups
You can easily group friends based on the applications they are using. This automatic grouping helps define the friend groups.

Profiles across Apps
Easy integration of profiles across apps helps users take their profiles anywhere they wish to. They don’t need to write the same details again, as they can easily transport the data across multiple apps.

Update Content Real Time
You can easily share and update the content on such similar social apps on real time basis. A lot of apps have newsfeed, and status update facility.

With these group sharing apps, you can communicate with your friends, and share messages immediately. It actually offers an easy way to talk and share.

Why Grouping Apps Work?

Whatsapp set the stage to develop group apps, which will help those with similar interests balk on the virtual path together. Whether it is a college or work group, people can share their thoughts, and other things easily with these apps. These social group apps allow people to work online as well as offline.

Firstly, it helps build communication. Let’s say you work in different offices, and you need to talk to each other. Phone calls may work out to be expensive, and not feasible in certain circumstances. A private conversation can be easily carried out among a group of friends using the group social networking. It works well for all groups of people. If you stay in different continents, this is the fastest and cheapest mode of communication.

Group chatting apps have gone from being just online to supporting offline communication too. A lot of messenger apps like Hike have started allowing you to communicate with your friends’ offline. In fact, they support heavy file transfers, thus making life easy for you over the handheld.

With the stickers and emoticons, monologues also become quite communicative on this platform. These platforms allow you to talk via a sticker, which means you can even send a text during the meetings; well, you don’t need to actually do that!

With social media trends accommodating eCommerce using socialappnomics, you will see there is a growing need for group social media.

In fact, grouping apps have taken a step forward by offering conference calls on their messaging platform for free. So, your calls are also for free now! This step has majorly help improve the user base on these platforms.

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