iOS 9.3: Grasping The Updates & Feature Changes


A few weeks back, iOS9 received its much needed update with iOS 9.3, which resolved most of the bugs that had troubled users with the iOS9 update. This new update not just resolves the bugs that were found in iOS9, but also manages to upgrade few features, thus offering a more personalized user experience.

You can download the update from iTunes for your iOS devices i.e. iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The update will get splendid features that will enhance your user experience with iOS devices. Here, we will discuss a few features that have been received with this update.

Night Shift

This much needed feature is part of the iOS 9.3 update. It is a known fact that your sleep gets adversely affected if you spend too much time staring at your phone especially during the night. That’s why the update received the Night Shift feature, which uses the iOS clock and your geolocation to know the sunset time for your location. It accordingly, translates the colors to the warmer end of the spectrum, thus setting the tone to the night mode. This way, your eyes get adjusted to the hues of darker environment, and can settle off to sleep with time. If you don’t want this option, disable it; you have the option with you.

Notes with Security

Apple Notes are often used to keep the notes organized. If you want to note down something while on the go, these Notes act as your savior. Keeping it confidential was a risk that most iOS uses were running. That’s why the Notes with security feature introduced with iOS 9.3 was welcomed well by iOS users. The touch ID and passcodes will have your notes protected. So, you can keep financial data, and other confidential data secure on your phone with this feature.

Personalizing News Stories

The news app for iOS has received a personalization update. You can get news that seems relevant to you on your newsfeed. The “New Top Stories” section in this app will show you the highlights and trending stories for the day. You can even view videos in the stories, with better support for landscape viewing in the new update. You can change the font size to match your reading needs.

Live Photos

You can capture a still image from the live photo with this update. All you need to do is duplicate the live photo, and get the still image, that too with a double tap. You can even share the images between iOS and OSX using Messages or AirDrop.

Health Apps

This new update allows you to track your fitness better. This feature provides you a dashboard for new health apps that defines the various categories like weight, workouts, and sleep along the slider menu. You can have all your fitness details detailed on a single menu. Connected to the Apple watch, you can know where you stand as far as fitness is concerned. It makes integrating 3rd party apps easy for secure health.


Do you own a car that’s compatible with Carplay? Well, iOS9.3 has updated Carplay that will enhance your user experience. Among the many useful features, you have something known as “For You” that will appear along the right side of your screen. This playlist includes selected music that has been chosen based on your preferences. The “Nearby” feature integrated to this functionality will help you locate nearby gas stations, parking etc.

Apple Music

This too has been updated with iOS 9.3. Earlier, you had to go through a two-step process to add music; this has been reduced to a single step with this latest update. You can add selections from your playlist directly, without adding it to the library. You don’t need to visit the radio tab; the information will be available on the display itself.

iOS 9.3 for Education

The new version has received an update for education too, which will enhance edtech learning. You no longer need separate iPads, but just need separate login details. Single iPad can be shared by logging in using specific login credentials. Your personal information, iCloud Drive Documents etc. will be separate for the separate logins. The intelligent caching system will help improve efficiency of the system, thus enhancing the download speed and improving the productivity of the kids.

Develop your app for ios and take advantages of prominent features of ios9.3  and make your app better for any niche probably : travel, hospital, eCommerce store.

The Classroom app, another feature launched with this update, allows teachers and children to collaborate. Evaluating and keeping an eye on the child’s progress has been made easy with this update.

Reach Out us and  find exactly how you can use this cool update feature of 9.3  in your next app.

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