LinkedIn’s Q3 Earnings – A breakthrough of expectations and up-force for LinkedIn similar site developments

LinkedIn, a professional social network, has been successful in the professional niche it is currently serving. LinkedIn has made the use of web 2.0 and virtual networks to connect professionals globally. It is a professional marketplace where you can connect with the CEOs, and CIOs, follow their conversations, and know more about the available opportunities and gaps in the professional environment. You can become an influencer for your target audience. It is specifically suited for individual professionals and B2B marketers.


When LinkedIn started out, it was one of its kind platforms that enjoyed the success of niche based social-site. This success has been elaborated in the Q3 earnings, which has led to an increase in the stock prices for the company. Analysts had forecasted $756Mn revenue and 45 earning per share for the firm for Q3. LinkedIn seems to have broken the target, and set a new record by achieving $780 Mn revenue and 78 cents earning per share for this quarter. This is why the shares for the firm increased by over 8% in the extended trading. In fact, the company’s revenue grew by 37% on year-on-year basis. LinkedIn has managed to offer a social-site for professionals, wherein they can connect, converse, and share their views and opinions. In fact, it is your online resume, and your virtual neatly designed job portal. It functions as your job facilitator, and enhances your professional purview.

Why did LinkedIn attain success? The reason lay in the way this social networking site was designed. In an age and time, when Facebook rules the roost, for any other virtual networking site to come and take its place is going to be difficult. Facebook provides the entirety of social networking, and is including other features too which makes your stay on this place eventful and experiential. LinkedIn chose the niche segment of professional network. It did not embolden into the social networking space that was already occupied by Facebook; It chose a route that still possessed a gap. There was not a single site that could help professionals or businesses in marketing themselves. There was no social job portal existent at that time, and this was the niche LinkedIn decided to enter. Following the success of LinkedIn, a lot of firms decided on creating a LinkedIn similar site with a unique selling point. LinkedIn rolled the dice for niche based social sites, which was eventually picked by many firms, and a lot of niche apps were released.

Niche Social Development: The Future of Social

Facebook has taken the plum from the cake, and served it to the social consumers. It developed a site that fulfilled the generic and broader social requirements of an individual. Facebook established itself in a way that it has become synonymous with social networking. Competing with Facebook is difficult for many reasons. One Facebook keeps updating itself with newer and better features making sure that audiences don’t leave it. It has become the Google for social media.

So, is there any way you can indulge in social site development? Yes, you can go for niche app development! This is defining the future for social apps. You will find a lot of niche apps already gaining popularity higher than Facebook itself. A good example is Snapchat which not just gets you mobile, but is also fun to use. You can share photos with messages which will stay on the screen for a few moments, and then vanish. Instagram, another niche social site is where you can share photos and videos with your group of friends. While, Facebook has modified the video sharing capability, it cannot match what Instagram offers. No wonder, Facebook had to buy it out.

The long and short of it is that millenials, the new consumers of social site development, don’t want their news feed cluttered. They would rather use different apps for different purposes. Niche apps are a growing favorite with the millenials.

Reasons for niche social app development include:

  • They target and improve a niche need expressed by the consumer
  • Too many niche apps help the user reach the full potential of virtual communication
  • Multi device users are consuming the apps, and niche apps will help them multitask better
  • The virtual world will be less clutter free

If you want to indulge in specific social-site development, then you need to decide the niche and revenue model before getting started. Who knows, you could be the next LinkedIn!

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