Niche Based Social Networks: Immense Potential for Startup Businesses


Imagine browsing through a clutter to find the content that best connects to your needs? In an age of information overload, you need to find the content from the person who lies in your specified target audience, to further your user base. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ fall into this cluttered space, and have an enormous user base, and diversified content being shared in the spaces offered.

Now, let’s have a look at what happens on your news feed. When you login, the clutter begins to grow. There are too many things you have shown interest in on this space, which means all those interests will crowd this small space. In this noise, finding that one information that makes sense to your work is slightly difficult. This is one of the disadvantages on this cluttered space; you are unable to identify the information that makes sense, and use it from general social media and networking sites developed. This noise also makes it difficult for you to bring sense from social networking and use its full potential for your business. Though they are the best networks from user base perspective, and to get the appropriate numbers of conversions, it is not the place where your target audience may benefit from your brand. It’s time to change your direction, and work on a more niche goal.

Moving Towards Niche Social Networks

Businesses need to reach out to their target audience, which means they have to be on platforms that interest their target audience. These like-minded online communities help build the brand, as their reference might get you an immediate conversion as against the ones that don’t think alike. When it comes to developing a website or web application as a giant social network, quality content loses out completely. You may not get the users talking about the subject you are interested in, and your purpose of visiting the social networking site is completely lost. When it comes to niche needs, no social network giant is able to fulfill the needs. Instead they have grown into generic stalls of content. Credibility of the content is also completely lost out in this information overload. To combat this, it is important to drive in more niche based social networks. This way the content, ads and videos that the user will view will be relevant to his specific needs, and the conversions will be better for the brand

Why Going Niche is Good?

While we are at it, let us discuss why going niche is the best thing to happen to a social networking site. In this information overload, it is all about getting the right content on board that will help you in furthering your business.

Common Interests: Most niche based social networking sites deliver an experience that their target audience is looking forward to. These niche based sites work on the common interests and hobbies principle. So, if you are a business selling fashion, then you need a social networking site that would help you get on board those people interested in fashion or something similar. You will need to work in communities that have similar habits and interests. In these networks, you will find more defined and dedicated conversations which help in quality networking. The conversations are curated by the members of the community.

Increased Engagement: These are highly targeted communities, as they are formed based on the interests of the user. They will attract users who belong to certain industry or business type, which helps marketers in targeting and developing strategies for them. This type of targeting is not possible with major social networking sites, as the content will be lost in the huge crowd, and increased levels of noise. Information and noise gets mixed, and targeting is done poorly.

Security: You desire security more than just networking. With niche social networking sites, you can get a combination of quality content and security, thus keeping your content protected. You will find most social networks investing in digital security as well as privacy protection.  This makes security priority for the niche based sites.

With the smartphone penetration, and growth in the mobile industry, you will find more people accessing niche social networks, and help boost the reach for your website. Such niche sites are necessary to build your brand by targeting just the people who are best for your business.

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