Pintrips – A very interesting hybrid combination of Social Bookmarking Site and Travel Website


Pintrips, the new on the block application, has a lot more than just the pin word in the name with Pinterest. It is Pinterest similar site– wherein you can pin your favorite travel brands like airlines, travel agencies etc. and share it with your Pintrips friends.

Pintrips is a niche proposition, as it works towards travel website development and social bookmarking development only. It was created to help plan your trips easily, without traveling to the different travel websites. As it works for travel, it helps you check the different travel modes, and compare them. It has a very unique four legged revenue model. Let’s understand how the site works as a travel companion and social bookmarking tool. Before understanding the revenue model, it is important to understand how the site works, and why it was created.

Why Pintrips is interesting?

Pintrips was created with the main purpose of removing hassles when searching and comparing the flights for a particular destination. It helps plan your trip without actually spending too much. It works similar to a travel search engine. It has been dedicatedly started for travel niche, that too specifically for flight booking. This application found its way from the deep-driven frustration occurring in flight bookings. Chances are, when you are ready to book the flight, the price would have fluctuated to a higher level. Travel website offers easy and convenient booking; in fact, you can even share the information with your friends and family through this content management system.

How it Works?

It is as simple as Pinterest. You can actually call it an extension of Pinterest for the travel niche. It is also a social bookmarking site, which avails its revenue model in that sense, for travel businesses. It is important to understand how the bookmarking works. It is one of the best examples of hybrid site development.

Search for the flights that you are planning to book. Say, you have planned a journey from A place to B place, then you will need to search flights connecting these two destinations, on this app. Once, you have the flight list; start pinning them to your dashboard.  The flight searches will give results on flights across the different travel sites. You can pin them all to your dashboard, and keep a check on them. The list of flights is automatically saved to your dashboard.

You can track the flights, and compare their prices and timings on real time basis, as it uses a travel comparison engine. You will get reports as and when there are changes in the flight time or any other parameter involved.

In fact, you can even share the flight details, and pins with your friends. You can collaborate on the Pintrips dashboard and book the flights that pertain to your needs. It is an excellent example of social concept integration

The Revenue Model

Pintrips follows a four pronged revenue model, which involves all the participants of this startup. Here are the four different models that help Pintrips gain money and profits.

Partner OTAs and Meta Search Engines

Meta search is one of the ideal business models, and it has now significantly being integrated by OTAs. It is the best thing that has happened to multi channel multi device world. The main revenue stream for meta search is advertising. It works best for travel app development as well as social app development. By partnering OTAs and Meta search engines, Pintrips gets revenue based on click or share. Around 66% of the revenue is generated by Meta searches alone. This is why it is a great tool for revenue generation, which has been adopted by Pintrips.

Airlines Revenue Model

Pintrips works for flight bookings. Apart from dealing with online travel agencies like Yatra, Xpedia etc., this one works with the different flight websites individually too. For example, it works with Go Air, Indigo and other websites. The revenue is generated whenever the flights from these websites is clicked upon, and pinned to Pintrips. If the click or share occurs from Pintrips on the airlines website, then the revenue is generated based on the terms between Pintrips and the airlines website.

Advertising Revenue

This is the third model of revenue generation adopted by Pintrips. In this case, travel ads are placed on the website. If the user clicks on the ads, it takes them to the relative website. Each click contributes towards the revenue generated for the website.

Pintrips was recently in a battle with Pinterest over the name, but it won the battle legally. Looking for similar website development, then you can get in touch with us.

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