Reasons Why Travel Companies Need a Portal


Travel is a fast maturing sector, which is gaining maximum audience and revenue.  It is no longer restricted to just flight bookings, but has spread its wings across different domains including hospitality, hotels, cabs and even local tours in the cities and countries across the globe. With travel going from offline to online to being staged on mobile apps, it has become convenient to the end user who wants to book their travel and stay on the go. Sometimes, you have not planned a stay, but on reaching the place you decide to stay back that night. Instead of venturing hotels to accommodate, you can use the travel app that is available on your smartphone, and complete the booking. This is why travel apps are generally preferred by the users, especially those who plan their travel last minute. Service exports across the globe are majorly generated by the travel and tourism industry. In fact, the exports are responsible for major revenue generation in this industry. There is a rise in tourism jobs which has affected the sector in a positive way, thus boosting its potential. This increase in travel revenue is majorly because of the increase in number of online travel companies, and their services thus making travel convenient for the end user.

Travel Portal Development: An Overview

With more people traveling, travel portal development has seen a sudden growth. Travel portal development is nothing but implementing travel technology to travel sector, and feeding convenience to the end user. In travel portal development, it is essential to integrate the APIs for the different travel segments you are integrating to the system. For example, you will need the bus booking API in order to offer bus bookings through your portal. You will also need the GDS for Air booking and hotel booking, so that people can book their flights and hotels through your travel portal. There are different online travel software that becomes a part of the travel portal which includes travel agents, B2C users, corporate and white label.

The choice of solution depends on whether you are a travel website or a travel agent. It also depends on the end goals, and the real purpose of your travel website. Most travel portal solutions begin with understanding the need for the portal solution. The development team will develop the solution based on your needs, and customize it to match your purpose, so that you gain the benefits of developing a travel portal solution. Once the implementation of your solution is done, it is important to tune in customization so that the travel portal matches your portal needs. Most travel portal solutions look for simple administrative solutions such that you can manage the website easily, and in a convenient manner.

Why Travel Apps or Portal is Necessary?

Going online with travel is the easy for the consumers of travel. It is like being able to access bookings while on the go. According to most travel companies, mobile apps help retain and engage consumers better. It also offers them a convenient way to travel.

For example, if you have booked your stay using the mobile, you can not only track the details but also use the same e-ticket on the day of your arrival at the hotel. You don’t need to stress on getting the tickets printed anymore. You have your online agent working towards giving you the best experience when you board the flight or get the accommodation. Travel apps also help you book private tours and within city travel at your destination. You can show your e-ticket when checking in at the airport. In fact, most apps allow you to check-in from home, and save you the whole part of waiting in the long queue to get the boarding pass. There are many convenient aspects of travel online. With travel portal, you can attract the attention of the travel, and keep him engaged with the brilliant interface you have designed. It takes more than just an idea to keep your consumer where you want them to be.

It is important to change with the changing consumer behavior, which is also why you ought to be where your consumer is. This is precisely why you should have travel apps or portal for your business.

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