Samsung Galaxy keyboard bug: How it affects you


Are you a Samsung galaxy S4, S5 or S6 owner? You might be at risk with the hackers out their finding out a way to hack in the keyboard of your phone and gaining control over the information and functionalities of your phone. Even if you are not an owner of the galaxy phone but an android app development enthusiast or expert you might want to dig deeper in this.

Ryan Welton, a researcher at the cybersecurity firm NowSecure found out about this bug and it was revealed at Blackhat conference in London. You cannot possibly imagine how badly your communication is at risk with this bug. Hackers can gain access to the camera of your phone, text messages are vulnerable, the phone’s mic is accessible and they can gain authority to download malicious applications among other things.

With the android app development on the rise and apps coming up for almost every functionality one can imagine the kind of data that hacker can get access to through this vulnerability is a thought the user wishes to avoid. With users entering all kinds of personal data including id, passwords along with tonnes of personal stuff one can only imagine the horror if hackers got access to this users’ data though this bug.

The issue for this is the software updater for Samsung’s default keyboard which was a customized version of word prediction update developed by Swiftkey. The bug works this way, when the user tries to get access to the language pack update any hacker in between who is on the same network as the user can swap out the original update file with malware, resulting in the loss of user’s mobile data.

Samsung has already released a statement saying that the security patch will soon rollout to overcome this bug for all the users affected. Do share your comments regarding this issue with Samsung’s keyboard.

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