Search of Great Mobile App or Web Development Service: Why Cheaper Is Not Always Better?


As a business, it is impertinent to establish your mobile or web presence in the digital age. 1 in 3 people use a smartphone, and 1 in 7 access their mails, apps, and other important sources of information while on the go using the smartphone they possess. You need to reach out to these people, and make them comfortable on your web or mobile app. It is important to offer a good user experience to the users, such that they remain engaged, which eventually gets translated into customer satisfaction.

A good idea is the base for the web or mobile app’s success, but then it does not limit to just the idea. It needs a good developer who can translate the app idea into the ideal app. Yes, you need to hire one who understands the art and science of app development, and can translate the idea into an app that has both the front end and backend well managed. Hiring the ideal developer requires a lot of work from your end, but that is the only way to bear sweet fruits of getting the ideal app developed for your business.

It is always good to remember that hiring cheap or inexpensive resources is not the solution to the best app. That does not mean inexpensive resources do not give the ideal solution, it just means that should not be your focus when hiring a developer. Here, we will talk of the different parameters that need to be focused on when hiring great app or web developers, and why the inexpensive route can prove to be disastrous to your app development process.

Cheap Can Be Expensive: Why?

When hiring a cheap resource, you will be focusing only on the cost parameter. This can become an expensive mistake for your company. You will pay heavily for this mistake of hiring cheap. What if the resource is unable to give the app that you are expecting for your company? What if the only positive about the developer is that he comes at a cheap price? The quality of work could be as low as the price, which is why cheap becomes expensive for a business. You don’t get the quality you were expecting, and you don’t get the conversions you were expecting from the mobile app.

Before hiring a developer, you should be aware of the scope of the business and the requirements of your app.

Seniority Level of the Developer

It is important to check the seniority of your developers, which will help you derive the solution that is ideal for your idea. You need to hire a developer who is experienced and has worked on projects that you are planning to offer. You will see a huge difference between the senior and junior developer who will work on your project, and you need to deal with them keeping the difference in mind. If your work needs more experience, then you cannot rely on a junior developer, even if that developer will charge half the rate the senior developer is planning to charge. It is obvious a person with more experience and skills will charge higher, but then imagine the quality you will get from that skills and experience. So, hiring cheap may not always work, as you will need to compromise on quality and experience, thus compromising on profitability.

Customized Solutions

When you are developing a solution suited to meet your business requirements, you need to understand which of the two i.e. customized or ready to use will work best for you. You need a solution that will match your app demands thus fulfilling your business requirements. Of course, the amount of money that goes into hiring a developer who gives you both the solutions would be completely different.

A customized solution will be slightly higher priced as compared to a ready to use solution, and the developer will charge higher for customized solutions. You need to make the choice not according to the rates that are being charged but the solution that is being offered to you.

So, don’t keep cost in your mind when hiring a developer. Make sure you choose your developer based on your needs and the skills offered.

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