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Sharing stories with friends can be fun, especially when you have the perfect platform available online. Snapchat celebrates relationships by helping you share some of the best stories in a fun way. When you send a photo on Snapchat, you can chat using that photo. So, basically the photo becomes your basis for the chat. Snapchat’s best ever feature is that the chat never stays for more than 3 seconds, and it’s said that the message is removed from the servers as well. This is good news for those who don’t believe in storing messages.

Snapchat has recently released a new feature which allows you as the content publisher to deep link the Discover contents on Facebook and Twitter. With this deep linking feature, you can land your user to the particular content page, instead of the home page, thus increasing the relevancy of the content to the users. In the desktop computers, these links will appear as QR codes, which need to be scanned by the user using the mobile phone. These links will take the Snapchat user to the particular page, while asking those not added to Snapchat to download the app.

Snapchat is a niche based social media enterprise and networking site developed, and chances of being viewed and getting boost on this app is higher as compared to other social media enterprise channels. The app underwent a design change to include these deep links and make them more prominent and visible to the users. This will help improve the profitability and revenue of the social business which has established its presence on Snapchat. With this new feature, the app is slowly pulling the customers towards the app, and seeking publishers to deep link more often. It is being said that by this January, the publishers will be allowed to share links to the QR codes. In fact, some publishers have included the QR code to their Twitter profile, thus aiming to increase their followers.

The Discover Feature

With the discover feature, Snapchat changed the whole definition of this app. Till then, this was a fun app, that most people used to share their photos and chat. The app’s user base grew owing to the way it dealt with the messages after it is read. There’s no possibility of storing, copying or forwarding the photos, which meant your photos remained secure. But, with discover feature the app stepped further in helping businesses meet target audience.

This was indeed a big update for the app! With this feature, users of Snapchat could view news that took the Snapchat story format. Of course, similar to the Snapchat photos, the news too disappeared within 24 hours. These old stories were replaced by new ones. For this feature, Snapchat partnered with major channels like CNN, Vice, Yahoo News, ComedyCentral, National Geographic, Daily Mail, ESPN, Food Network and Cosmopolitan.

You need the latest version of this app to run this feature. Open the app, and access the stories menu. You can swipe again to access Discover menu. Here, you can click on the media icon to discover stories told by them. This app works on gesture mode, and turning the phone sideways can open the videos in full-screen mode, thus giving you a complete viewing experience.

How Publishers are Using Snapchat?

Publishers can actually use Snapchat to promote their business, and bring the brand and user closer to each other. A niche based social networking site will help target niche audience that is typical to the brand. If you want your audience to discover content that you feel is relevant to them, you can make them discover the content using the Snapchat discover feature. The intrigue generated by the combination of discovers and deep linking, will help attract audience to the content, and finally make them aware of what the brand is into.

Connecting and communication becomes easier with social media enterprise Snapchat as you will see a lot of your audience is present on this platform, ready to know more about you and the content you are publishing. Providing the right content mix in the ideal format will help. Some of the major brands like Cosmopolitan and BMW have been using this new feature to increase viewership and in turn the audience base.

It is important to adopt the right solution that will help you drive in the audience towards you. This is how Snapchat worked to progress  from being a mere fun tool to a publisher platform solution.

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