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Backdrop of the Mental Health App

Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, suicidal tendency, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and we can go on and on…without a pause. Such mental health issues have become household names, and yet the solution to it is nowhere to be found.

Well, you may think–there are psychiatrists, and there are therapists, so saying ‘nowhere’ is a bit too much.

In our perception, there still exists a strong stigma for individuals seeking mental health therapy. Besides, mental health issues are unexplainable to and incomprehensible for the common people. So, individuals with mental health issues have to bear the burden of their pain on their own shoulders.

Given this influence, there is a proliferation of various types of AI mental health apps for depression Such applications in the health and wellness niche are more portable, pocket-friendly, and accessible for people suffering from depression and anxiety.

If we look at the future, the mental health industry seems progressive as the regressive norms still prevail in some parts of developed as well as developing countries. Hence, entrepreneurs or startup owners can capitalise on this regression to concentrate their efforts on the social issue as well as concentrate their business.

It is not a business. It is a gift to the stressed mankind.

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An Emotional Mental Health AI App for Depressed People can be your Ticket to Growth

Talk it Out is a mental health app for depressed and anxious people, who generally hold the tendency to talk to strangers as they believe that their near and dear ones do not have the right words to say to them to console them.

There are numerous human-based communities that reach out to such people. However, depressed individuals seek complete anonymity, owing to the fear of social judgements on their conditions. In such a case, we firmly believe that an emotional AI-based mobile app for depressed people can help them talk about their problems to a chatbot that is non-judgemental to their concerns. Such a mental health application can provide links to various resources that depressed individuals can access to read or view the content and get the right direction.

In addition, after a certain number of chat sessions, with the consent of the individual, the chatbot can even help in finding and scheduling a therapy session with a mental health professional. Using this application, the individual will be able to find out whether he/she is depressed or just temporarily suffering from sadness. In addition, the application guarantees complete anonymity to the depressed person for the therapy.

Talk it Out, an AI-based app for mental health, is an instrument to liberate depressed and anxious people from the burden of their unspoken emotions.

Did we mention that you can even drive the government’s attention with your thoughtful business purpose using the mental health app?

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Stuck into the Mid-business Crisis? Let’s Tell you the Purpose of Talk It Out

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Develop an app for mental wellbeing and unlock the manifold purposes:

  • Depressed people do not have to get listed in the waiting lists of therapists and professionals.
  • People suffering from mental disorders can rant out and talk to the chatbot to feel light and better of having their emotions out.
  • Once a depressed person has developed a comfort level of sharing his/her feelings, the chatbot suggests some resources by picking up the keywords from the chat—resources such as links to blogs, videos, images, quotes, podcasts, and more.
  • Depressed people can choose to be anonymous or reveal their identity while seeking consultation from therapists.
  • It is a go-to-way to relieve frustration and anxiety by talking about the problems.

Business is like driving a taxi. You help people get where they want to go and eventually you reach your milestones.

The Secret to Idea Generation for the Mental Health App

According to NAMI, 1 in every five adults are experiencing serious mental health troubles in the U.S. As per the stats found by the Mind Organization in the U.K., 1 in every four people are suffering from one or the other kind of mental distress. Despite the availability of a well-structured mental healthcare mould in the form of psychiatrists and rehab facilities, the question that provoked us was:

Why are individuals still suppressing their feelings instead of simply knocking the doors of mental health professionals?

The answer to this is in multiple layers–

  • The first layer is acceptance. Individuals with depression usually deny that they have a serious condition. So, ignorance further worsens that condition.
  • The second layer is instant gratification. Individuals suffering from serious mental distress seek a temporary pleasure to escape from the pain. So, they suppress their feelings and resort to drugs and substance abuse.
  • The third layer is social withdrawal. Such individuals withdraw themselves and choose to stay aloft from others, as they are afraid of being judged by society.
  • The fourth layer is the stigma. Social discrimination towards people suffering from mental health issues is one of the pivotal reasons for individuals seeking hiding.

These are just the top-level layers. There are numerous underlying layers, such as the fear of identity revelation during the therapy sessions and lack of empathy from people around. This demands an application that can soothe the pain suffered by depressed individuals.

How we Researched About all Available Apps?

Our first-level analysis regarding the application was based on the core functionality. The mental health market is booming with wellness applications. Since listening to a depressed person speaks is the highest level of empathy someone can provide, we found numerous applications that have human-based chat modules.

In such modules, these human therapists are not experts. So, they might provide biased suggestions and opinions. Besides this, human therapists can not be available for 24*7. As a result, we began brainstorming about an application that a depressed person can use without any judgement and as per their availability.

Our second-level of analysis began with the study of applications that provide telemedicine services. We want to make a fool-proof application. So, we need to ensure that the navigation from the first-level of chatting to the second-level of finding resources and the final-level of consulting a therapist is smooth.

The final step was to ensure that the app idea is feasible IRL :D. Well, allow us to present you this futuristic application that needs to be in the App Store today.

P.S. It needs to be in there with your brand name.

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Features of the Mental Health Application for Depressed People

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Advanced Features for the Emotional AI App Mental Health App

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