The Crucial Role of Technology In The Advance Edtech Platform Development



Learning Becomes Effortless, When Education Meets Digitization.

Insightful studies have found out some really shocking yet interesting revelations made by the students across the world.

Insightful studies

Students have confessed that they heavily rely on the Internet to get additional assistance for their homework.


YouTube is the self proclaimed dominant method of learning practically.


Students want to learn at their own time, own pace, and own place.

Let’s face it.

The concentration level and timings vary for each individual.

The ideal school timings are not THE PERFECT TIMING FOR LEARNING for every student. Thus, high focus and concentration cannot be expected from every student within those instants.


A majority of students support the ‘Flipped classroom’ model.

Flipped classroom can be considered analogous to the trailer of a movie before it releases. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, debates, and discussions.



Students reveal that they would want the teachers to be available 24X7 to solve their queries at the time doubt arises.


Education through games is the best learning medium.


The use of mobile devices continue to rise.

How Evolution of Technology Affect?


The only extract that can be derived from the facts above is to act upon the Need to Quench the Thirst of Education Anywhere and Anytime.

In the same act, it is the technology that springs into action for upgrading the traditional norms of education industry.

Who did imagine that the students of today would be using their own devices to complete homework or the student from the New York City would be able to learn from the experts situated in Australia?


E-learning is only going to grow based on the technological advances of the future, have a look at the video to understand how technology merges.

But you know what?

Technology made the learning method efficient.

Technology is ever-growing and this in itself is enough to portray the fact that the role of technology in the advance edtech platform development is not yet to be concluded.

If the technological revolution in learning moves with the same pace, I can already envision a world where you can study anything while you take a stroll or while running.

The need today is to go digital in the sector.

Below you will find some of the interactively digital ways to make the education system more of a fun-loving affair.

Better Simulation and Models


“I’d rather prefer to play a video game than to turn pages of my books.”

Well, students have their own ways to find out the excuses to avoid learning.

And games are more than just a distraction. They are worth to have it as passion.

So, for the better understanding of models and concepts, the best way to make the learning process fun is with the help of simulation and models.

The interesting video below shows the same.


So, for the better understanding of models and concepts, the best way to make the learning process fun is with the help of simulation and models.

The interesting video shows the same.

There are many different types of higher education learning experiences which are enhanced through the use of simulations. These are the models of the real-world that highlight particular aspects of learning.

An educational stimulation is built around a set of learning objectives that have a positive effect on the learning behavior.

Advantages of Simulation and Game Models in Education


  • It raises student’s interest and curiosity in the subject.
  • It enables a deeper sense of experimental reality for experiences that might otherwise be expensive for the student.
  • It enriches the learning process.
  • It is a memorable way of learning.
  • It offers to simplify complex learning.

Global Learning


I wish I could have been a better doctor if I had a chance to go to the US for higher studies.”

Oh! The basic education gets over, but the grudges remain……..

One of the problems that the students face today is the democratic barrier.

Blame it on the financial status, or security concern of the student to not being able to make it to their dream educational institution, but the fact remains that globalization can make all these problems vanish in the thin air.

And why not?


The technological advances in the educational industry lets the students to learn whatever you want, wherever you want, shows the video.

The global learning helps the students to pick the program from the varied courses and degrees.

Let’s say a student is up for psychology. All it would take for him is a Google search to get a glimpse at the list of the online courses.

The students can subscribe to such courses online and complete their education from any corner of the world.

This gives a great variety of online programs and courses to select from along with the price for the course.

The students can view the course, subscribe, and they are all set to be a pro in that particular subject.

Advantages of Global Learning in Education


  • The online courses can be simplified in their language or subtitles can be provided for the better understanding which would not even had been possible had the student been to that classroom physically.
  • They have an opportunity to listen to and gain an understanding of and respect for different voices and perspectives, question viewpoints and challenge stereotypes.
  • They have the opportunity to get exposed to the global issues and can participate in discussions about development and global learning issues.

Virtual Manipulative


“The concept taught by the teacher was not very clear to me. How do they expect us, the students to understand the abstract concepts merely by words? This is ridiculous.”


And the students can not completely grasp the concept behind the lines.

The best solution in such cases are the virtual manipulative as shown in the video.

Virtual manipulative helps the tutors to build and concrete their own conceptual understanding and develop sound pedagogical strategies to make their learning process effective.

Such virtual manipulative in the form of projectors, videos and 3D models can be used to strengthen the conceptual understanding for the abstract concepts.

It provides explicit connections between visual and symbolic representation.

Advantages of Virtual Manipulative in Education


  • It increases problem-solving, patience, attention span, critical thinking, creativity, concentration, etc.
  • The students feel more capable and competent if their concepts are clear.
  • Rather than teaching the concepts manually, the virtual manipulative helps student to get to know each situation and will feel the relevance of the concept.
  • It is easier for students to understand and reflect on the topic once their imagination is given a spark.



‘E-books are fun to read anywhere.’

“I am packing for my vacation and will be having a test once I am back. How to carry my books along?”

Solution – E-books for sure!


With the evolution of e-books, the supremacy of the printed educational materials started to decline.

Find out here how eBooks are and will be ruling the roast in the advancements of education system.

This indeed brought a revolution in the education industry.

There’s no need to carry a book for the students. They just need to have the e-book in their device and they are good to go.

Advantages of E-books in Education


  • It is simple and easy to purchase and download an eBook.
  • Driving? It can turn eBooks to audio books.
  • They are interactive with audio, video, and animations which enhance the message that the author is giving.
  • The clickable links can be available for additional information.
  • It can be accessible anywhere.

The Entrance and Significance of Personal Device


Gone are the days of chalk and board.

Today, even the pen and paper are on the verge of extinction.

Every student has got his own mobile device.

Almost every school provides computer with a high Internet access.

The access to computers brought about a disruptive change in the learning process.

Following the footsteps of computers, mobility came out as a concern for the students.

And then Tada! Tablets and Mobile devices sprouted to resolve this issue of mobility.

After all, the students can learn at their very own pace and at their very own convenience.

The future of paper and pen can be said to be these mobile devices with BYOD – Bring Your Own Device rules.

Major Headaches in the Current Scenario of Education


  • There are no online assessment systems for the tutors.
  • The online tests are not accepted widely and so is not standardized form.
  • The students cannot have a certified degree from such online platforms.
  • The educational institutions are not yet all full-fledged with wireless internet connection.
  • The quarterly exams and tests are still offline.


The Future of Technology In Advance Edtech Platform Development


Starting downrightly from the infrastructure to the maintenance, the cost to build a traditional educational system is seriously a hefty amount.

Apart from this, the furniture and other supportive materials are required for the establishment to work efficiently along the lines of educational purpose.

But we are high believers of digitization and so putting forward the best of or knowledge, we strongly support that if at all the education gets completely transformed into the digital space, a more efficient education system can be made possible with the technologies such as webinars, online tutoring, quizzes, online assessments, tests, etc.


Key Takeaways


You know what? We saved the best part for the last.

There is no education platform that can fulfill the educative requirements of the student like school, college, or executive institutions do.

You can jump into the business and be the first one to make it to the top.

For more information regarding the merger of education and technology, you can have a detailed READ HERE.

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