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Ask any businessman.

When you trigger a trend, it has to be a convenient solution that users don’t mind switching to different behaviours.

We have seen users turning towards online shopping against offline shopping.

We have seen users showing an inclination towards on-demand rides against yelling their hearts out to find a cab.

Such behavioural changes are usually tough to initiate. However, once done, they stay as a routine for a long time.

One such change was brought about in the EdTech industry by the COVID-19 situation. Well, not completely COVID-19, though. EdTech apps–Udemy, Coursera, name any if you can in the comments–have been there prior to 2020. However, it was only a cohort seeking additional skills that leveraged it.

Then came the spark to disruption in the EdTech industry with coronavirus and lockdown. Schools were shut down, universities were closed, and Zoom/Google Meets could only serve as a bandage and not an elixir for students seeking education.

Hence, the blend of technology into the educational sector was an obvious choice and solution.

Was that a lot of analysis?

We, at TRooTech, come from this analytical background. We understand ground-level shifts and changes in the users’ pattern, and that helps us craft the most-convenient software solutions.

So, when TRooTech got recognized as one of the leading EdTech App Development Agency by Top Developers, we did take pride in our strategic thinking and robust technological approach. But most importantly, we realized that we are on the right track as a leading EdTech app development agency.

Why TRooTech is a Leading EdTech App Development Agency?

We launched EdTech app development services back in 2014; the moment TRooTech breathed life. Since then, our drive to craft excellence in the form of software solutions has garnered more strength. We did develop internal school management software, online tutoring apps, and on-demand marketplaces for students to find tutors, to highlight a few. However, it was the lockdown situation that led to the amplification in our EdTech app development approach.

Most of our clients coming from the EdTech background came up with a fixed deadline, since they wanted to seize the then goldmine of an opportunity. Some of our clients read our similar app development resources and wanted to develop Udemy like application with different USP. Another client came up with a live tutoring requirement, so we developed an EdTech app with a whiteboard feature.

All-in-all, we had multiple EdTech projects running concurrently with different specializations. We have the best of technical facility and faculty that empowered us to assign different projects to different teams.

We have a large team of technically strong full-stack developers, dedicated teams of remote developers, backend developers, QAs, frontend developers, designers, business analysts, and project managers, making the allocation easier. 

Our developers knew that they are the contributors in shifting the gears of users’ behaviour from offline education to online learning. So, they stayed conscious at all times about the user experience and designs. Frankly, there were challenges during the development of some EdTech apps, but we maintained our streak of qualitative and timely project delivery.

TRooTech to Remain a Leading EdTech App Development Agency: What’s Next?

EdTech industry has evolved at the speed of light in the past few years. Alongside, we, as a leading app development agency, have evolved our approaches and best practices. So, success and progression are mutual. Hence, TRooTech looks forward to staying as the leading edtech app development agency

As new technologies come to play, TRooTech will perpetually rise to the novelties and craft EdTech apps that resonate with users and stay in the app store.

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