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The lifestyle of individuals is taking a paradigm shift. Even for the basic necessities like food, they are dependent on restaurants and takeaways. Given this influence, there have been a number of transformations in the way food has been served on the table–online food delivery solutions, recipe delivery systems, and others.

The Best Restaurant Reservation App has gained quite a lot of popularity besides online food ordering systems. Individuals wish to have as minimal wait times as possible, and that’s when table reservation applications turn into a feasible solution.

Looking at the high demand in the IT market for the OpenTable-like app, TRooTech took an initiative to develop one of its kind online table reservation systems. The key highlights of this OpenTable similar application are the features.

The developers of TRooReserve opine, “When a businessman opts for custom development of a restaurant reservation app, he has to conduct a market and demography test by first releasing the MVP. However, when a market already has a base for the best restaurant reservation app, businessmen can leverage the white-labeled Opentable-like app to get better market times.”

TRooReserve (Opentable-like app) holds Numerous Key Features for Effective the best restaurant reservation app.

TRooReserve is developed with the latest technology stacks with Java, Swift, and Angular for the frontend, and PostGreSQL as the database. It is basically a single platform for three types of users–restaurateurs, diners, and admin. Each of these users will have a different dashboard and features.

The developers of TRooReserve have carefully assembled the best of the features that could help businessmen execute a smooth business. In addition to this, businessmen can find it easy to manage multiple restaurants and diners by simply using this online table booking application.

Numerous use case tests have been carried out on the best restaurant reservation app, and it is found that TRooReserve stands tall to cater to any environment within the diner-restaurant vicinity.

Some of the key features of TRooReserve include the following:

  • Shift Planning
  • Synchronized e-records
  • Staff Training
  • Reporting
  • Review Management
  • App Payment
  • Table Reservation
  • Moderate & Manage Restaurants
  • Guest Profiling
  • Private Dining
  • Track Restaurant Performance
  • Table Management

Find categorized features for Diners, Restaurateurs, and Admin

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TRooReserve has Multi-faceted Business Benefits

Expert business analysts were involved in the prototyping and analysis of the TRooReserve business model. Below are some of the business benefits with the best restaurant reservation app like TRooReserve:

  • Better Market Times
  • Customizable Online Reservation Booking Solution
  • Highly Scalable Online Table Reservation System
  • Multiple Revenue Streams are Possible
  • Training and Support

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