Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Stepped Down: What Does It Convey To On-demand Service Startups and Entrepreneurs?


“Did you hear Uber’s CEO of 8 years just stepped down?” One of my clients and I were conversing.

“But how does it matter to us and why?” My friend cum client was baffled.

“Well! This is going to create an interesting scenario in the On-Demand Service Marketplace.” Not to flaunt, but my business mind saw a scope.

“Whoa! I got ya.

TRooTech never fails to foresee business and lends its hand to the entrepreneurs by making them see the possibility where others see distress.”

All I could do at such an appreciation is feel satisfied and motivated at the same time about our deep-rooted endeavors.

Coming to Travis and Uber, they made it to the headlines of each and every media company.

Poor are the people who think it is only the media companies that are benefited from the news!

With quite a buzz about Travis Kalanick going around the media, it is most definite that the news have a strong effect on its competitors as well as the businesses firmly aspiring to be Uber.

While some businesses learn what to do to be Uber, some turn out to be smarter and learn what not to do to be Uber.

But this time, it is Uber in person teaching you what models should you not follow while pacing up to be ‘that’ Uber of a business.

Read the news but can’t get the insights you need for your business?

Here I am with an intelligent piece about Uber’s reckless business aspects which you can avoid making in your business.

Believe me business builders, this one is going to be the best Uber lesson, strategies and tactics for the On-demand Service Startups.

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Challenges and Difficulties for Uber as a Business

Challenges and Difficulties

Controversy and Uber had been the same side of a coin since its inception.

But earlier this year, it started getting into serious troubles when the company got exposed to law enforcement issues, assaults, property issues, and contender challenges.

Adding more to it, Uber got exposed due to various legal issues, federal investigations, social media badmouthing, and not to forget the cultural issues.

Being the most disruptive On-demand Service Provider, there is nothing-so-new about Uber making news.

But the thing that should get us all curious is the fact that today it is at the top of the news-front because of some aspects it paid lesser than the least or probably no attention to.

Out of all the major ones was, the company facing many workplace cultural issues.

Indeed, alluring and accommodating a fleet of drivers was not so difficult as it was perceived, tough was the part when it could not satisfy its drivers and every now and then they went on a face-off with Uber.

Adding to this agony, the company was pushing all the limits inside out the law to achieve the mark of being a leader in the Industry segment.

Many laws were broken and many legal policies were challenged which down rightly lead to law enforcement and ultimately even partners were displeased.

But you know what, feel proud of yourself.


As ridiculous as it may sound to the On-demand service businesses, Uber feels the same pressure from its competitors as the Startups and the Entrepreneurs today are facing from it.

And why not, Billions have already set up Uber clones, millions are navigating their businesses towards on-demand services and yet for a broader category of businesses, Uber is not to be concluded yet!

And you haven’t even requested for a proposal here :)

Coming back to Uber’s inquisitive trouble, even it was not spared of getting accused of assaults and harassment, imagine how so very difficult it should be for the riders to survive such harassment even after the panic button integration in the application.

There were many instances where the Uber drivers are allegedly accused of such harassment that too in metro cities.

Though Uber cannot be pointed at, because during such issues they provide no liability to the act of its service providers, the major matter of concern is that, its services get banned in the territory where such critical issues occur.

Now this is a huge loss, isn’t it?

How the competitors of Uber are making use of the opportunity

Yes, Uber has lost ridership to its contenders during these crisis.

The ride-hailing company lost its US market shares and saw its brand image tarnished.


When Uber was laid back by an unrestful streams of revelations about the business, the ride-hailing rival Lyft saw a considerable increase in the amount of its share.



Talking about GrabTaxi, it is keeping its eyes firmly fixed on establishing itself as a regional leader by localizing its services for individual countries and opening a large research and development facility.


Ola Cabs

Playing business more smartly, Ola cabs and GrabTaxi are on their way to form a global alliance of regional players, thereby making their fleet longer and occupying as much as customer acquisition seats in their favor as they can.

This will consequently lead to the sharing of knowledge and cross-booking options for the giants against Uber.

What should Startups learn from this hideous side of Uber

What I can perceive from the challenges faced by Uber is that it is contradicting its own business belief of maintaining a harmony between its front stakeholders – Drivers and Passengers.

While a big cut for the admin is eminent from revenue earned by the drivers, make sure to benefit and appraise the drivers/Service providers from time to time to keep them satisfied about their contribution in the On-demand Services.

Secondly, assaults and instances occur even after the panic button is embedded in the application.

So, what went wrong here?

Most of the customers recklessly ignore the tedious task of entering an emergency contact. Thus, adding an emergency contact should be included as a part of the sign-up process.

Also, it is important to give the internally processing team as much importance as the stakeholders.


Once you climb to the top business spot in the On-demand Service Marketplace, many will follow your business, a lot many will aspire your business, some would even want to be your contender; as long as you are learning from your own innovation and the failures of others, trust me you will never fail as a Business.

But to get to the top, you need to get started.

And to get started, you need to collaborate our expert team.

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