When to Redevelop Your eCommerce Site?


Bringing to table the best e-Commerce solutions requires a good understanding of the business for which you are developing the eCommerce site, and choice of a good e-Commerce platform to complete the whole development process.

But, many times you outgrow the platform you have chosen to use to build the e-Commerce website. As a small business, you would have chosen a particular platform, which does not go with your large scale business. You will need to refurbish your website in order to match the changing needs of your e-Commerce business.

Redeveloping your website using another platform can send you chills, but it is essential to survive in the changing technology atmosphere. When you are changing the platform, you need to make an informed choice. It is important to choose the platform after considering all the possible factors and options. Redeveloping on a new platform is not something to be taken in a light mode.

It is important to go through the process that you would have followed when choosing a platform for your e-Commerce business. But, when should you redevelop your site? Do you have any idea whether your site requires some rethinking or change? Here are a few factors that will help understand whether your e-Commerce web design requires some reviewing or change or not.

Lack of Omnichannel Retail

Omnichannel retail has become the norm of the hour! You will see more consumers gaining first hand experience of omnichannel retail, and being happy with what they are offered. When you are offering omnichannel experience, you should be able to offer similar experience across the different channels where your consumer is likely to visit. Let’s say your consumer consumes both mobile and desktop digital media, and browses through your retail website on both devices. It is essential to think of offering similar experience on both the platforms.

Your consumer may search for products on your mobile website, and then visit the store physically to get the feel of the product, before finally completing the purchase using either their desktop or mobile. This means you have three channels where you need to offer similar experience.

This is just an example. You will come across various channels where the consumer is found looking for you. It is important to offer similar experience across the different channels. You need to promote your products cross channel, and also offer cross channel benefits as part of your e-Commerce solution. Will your existing store be able to complete this need? If the answer is no, and the existing store cannot offer omnichannel retail experience, it is time to rebuild the site.

Not a Scalable Platform

e-Commerce development is slowly moving their legacy systems to the cloud. The cloud seems to offer better flexibility, and is more scalable. It is more definitive and experiential both for the consumers and the people who are offering the solution. What more, you don’t need to invest in any type of infrastructure, thus reducing the overhead costs for your business. But, many e-Commerce sites are strangled by their legacy systems, which have suffocated them beyond repair. The inability to scale their systems or introduce new functionality or even move to better infrastructure hampers their growth. At such point in time, it is essential for the e-Commerce businesses to consider revamping their website with newer and better technology.

No Change for Years

Has your website not been able to undergo any changes for the past few years? Have you remained on the same platform for a long time, which would be 3 years or more? In that case you need to revamp your website immediately. Any technology grows obsolete after a point in time, which means you will lose out on the trending technology, and the customers who are growing used to this new technology.

There are customer needs that keep changing, which are met with the new technology that come aboard newer versions or newer technology. Again, your user base is increasing, and the demands cannot be met with the existing platform. Under all these circumstances, you should consider redeveloping your website using a new platform. With the growing use of mobile, you should consider developing an e-Commerce app for your business. If not an app, a responsive website will also help convert the mobile consumers for your business.

Always remember, you built a certain solution to meet certain business needs. With change in business needs, you should consider including new functionality or develop the website using a new platform, depending on the changes and the demands of the website or the users of the website.

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