Why Your New ECommerce Venture Should Be Based On Magento


If you want to take your retail online, you need to start thinking of ways in which you can conduct your business and bring in more customers. Improving your visibility and making people aware of your existence will help you increase the user base and in turn the conversions for your venture. Having said this, it is not as simple as it appears. You need to build a strong plan and have a stronger foundation for your eCommerce venture, which is still an idea. You will need to work hard in the pre-launch phase and the launch phase, and harder during the post-launch phase.

In the planning stage, which is the stage just after you have had the idea for the eCommerce business, you will need to choose how you want to website built, and what platform you want to use. It is based on this choice that you will need to figure out the features and functionality you want to add to the eCommerce site.

Choosing the platform for your eCommerce website is the most important thing. Magento is by far the most sought after choice for eCommerce ventures. If you need reasons on why you should choose Magento as against the other platforms that offer similar features, then here you go.

Open Source Platform

Magento is an open source platform, which is one of the main reasons it is popular. The readily available source code, which allows you to incorporate any functionality that you want, and modify it as per your needs is quite helpful to the developers. The free version works just great for the small and medium businesses, who want custom features without really spending too much in it. Bugs and errors within the website are eliminated, and the workflow is conducted with high levels of efficiency.

Vast Developer Community

Magento is known for its huge developer community, who come up with patches and updates that can help streamline the whole development process. If you don’t want to seek help from Magento professionals, you can always avoid it. The community will help you come to help you out with any issues that you may face. Moreover all the patches are documented online. So, if you hit a roadblock, you can easily locate the document and see what needs to be done.

Improved User Engagement

Magento as a platform drives high user engagement, which is also one of the reasons why you should choose this platform. With Magento, you can easily introduce promotions to your website at a short notice. In the Web 2.0 era, your website’s popularity is dependent heavily on reviews, ratings and wish lists. No eCommerce site can survive without the feedback received from its users. Magento is bundled with all these offerings, which makes it popular.

In-built SEO

Optimizing your website for the web world is essential for eCommerce ventures. With most platforms, you need to insert the relevant plugin or extension, which will help in optimization of the website. But, that’s not the case with Magento. This platform is known for the in-built SEO functionality. Meta information as well as URLs from SEO perspective can be edited on this platform, thus offering complete control over optimization of the website. Magento has been motioned towards better eCommerce development.

Intuitive User Interface

With Magento, you are able to drive in an intuitive and absolutely easy to use interface, which will help build audience and improve conversions. The search and navigation is easy with a Magento based website is easy and effortless. The user retention increases with the ease that Magento sites offer.

The UI is slick for Magento based sites, which is why more people prefer to visit sites, built on this platform. It offers a responsive and modern appearance, which attracts many visitors. No wonder user interface is a reason to base your eCommerce venture on Magento.

Flexibility & Scalability

If you want a platform that can offer you both flexibility and scalability, thus making it future proof, you should necessarily choose Magento. The tight integration it offers with third party modules as well as plug-ins, and the high levels of customization it allows, makes it the right choice for eCommerce ventures.

Now you know why you should never think beyond Magento for your eCommerce venture, as it will brilliantly execute the idea that you have.

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