Windows 10……Expectations are high


Microsoft has announced the 9th iteration of Windows OS and strangely it’s termed Windows 10. The release date might be somewhere around mid-next year. Microsoft has already started distributing a Technical Preview build of this latest Windows version via Windows Insider Program. Here’s a list of the top most features of Windows 10 which the windows application developers might be looking forward to.

1. Touch and Feel:

If you are a not a user of Windows touch device you can probably skip this. However for others, Windows has an interesting thing in store because they touch is going to be revamped to a whole new level according to Microsoft officials. The touch UI is changing a lot more from the current Windows 8. For starters, the task switching will no longer work on the left.

2. Start Menu….It’s Back!!!

For the Windows who missed clicking the Windows button on keyboard and seeing a menu popup from the bottom left corner with all their favourites, this is good news. The new start menu is a mix of the older start menu and resizable tiles from Windows 8.1 Start screen. So all in all, it’s a welcome change by Windows community.

3. New Task view

With the new task viewer users can switch between the virtual desktops. The task switcher of Windows 8 is dumped because it was pretty clear that users were hardly using the Alt+Tab and just switching by using the Taskbar. So now, the Alt+tab switches between desktops.

5. Continum

Microsoft has made Windows 10 smarter. Continum is one such example of this smartness. This is mainly for the 2 in 1 devices. The device can change the mode when it detects that the keyboard is detached from the device. In simpler terms, a back button appears on the desktop helping you out in navigation with a touch if the keyboard is removed.

6. Universal apps on the Desktop

The new Universal apps will work on the desktop while floating in their own windows on desktop. These apps have icons for further options, which are basically the commands which were present in the charms in the right hand side of the screen in Windows 8.

It will be great to see how the users will respond to these and further tweaks and changes in the all new Windows 10 (9th one if you go sequentially, Oops!!!)

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