The digital platforms for the restaurant locators, store finders, local/city/state/national guides or the company locator are creating a whole new wrinkle to offer multiple listings on the online directories.

Be it a membership directory, local business directories, site/app review, location-based directory, companies/enterprise directories or be it for the business or their customers.

How the app owners can make more money with a customized high-performance business directory app?

Should they model it as a self-generated (companies listed by the admin) or a user-generated (company listed by the app users themselves)?

Have a close look at the user-friendly features, revenue model and profitable factors of different niches in the business directory apps!

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Business Niches of Online Business Directories

App development for
Review Based Business Directory

The review-based business directory is much more than just exploring the downvote or upvotes of the product or services on the app.

Most of the customers or even the job applicants read the online reviews before even searching for products/services or going for an interview.

Also, the B2B buying is focused on thorough research on the parameterized ratings before negotiating with the salesperson.

Have a look at the cornerstones of App Development for Review-Based Business Directory!

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The review-based directory is majorly used by general public falling under the age group of 20-50 years.


These type of digital directories are high in use by the US and UK audience.


Depending on the purpose of the review based directory, the Android, iOS, and web-based apps are highly in demand and profitable.


The ratio of males and females using these type of directory apps is equal.

Listing Fees

The employers are charged a fee to list their company on the app.

Subscription Fee

The users, be it an employer or a customer is charged a subscription fee to use featured services on the app.

Advertisement Fee

The employers are charged with a fee to advertise their products/services on the app.

Easy tracking of competition

The users can effortlessly check out the level of competition with just a few clicks to fetch a competition chart.

Full product review support to customers

The customer gets complete help in knowing the positive, neutral or negative experiences of the product/service users and make a purchase accordingly.

Reports and Analysis

The app user can smoothly get a complete report on the number of listings, number of reviews per listings, number of positive/negative/neutral ratings, predicted leads that can be generated through the reviews and much more.

Customer Trustworthiness

Providing the genuine reviews and rating platform to the users develop a trust among the customers to visit the app every time when they make a purchase or even the employer can frequently use the app for generating leads.

Features for Review Based Directory App Development

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App development for
Location-Based Business Directory

Reaching to the correct place was a real chaos involving n number of phone calls to get directions.

To help the customers get an exact location of the event, company, or a store and also assist the local events/ business on their brand awareness is now made smooth and easy with the e-business directories.

The location-based business directory app development needs a detailed insight into the custom features, payment model, profit perks to the app owner and much more.

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The location-based directory has increased usage by the general public between 20-50 years of age.


The location-based directories are highly trending in the US and UK market.


As the main purpose of the business directory is to provide exact location and directions of the company/event, a mobile app based on Android or iOS systems proves to be much in demand.


The on-demand location-based directories have an equal ratio of male and female app users.

Listing Fees

The companies or the event organizers are charged a fee to list their business location.

Premium services

The employers have to pay a fee for using premium services on the app like do-follow links, directions on the Google maps and much more.

Fees to advertise

The employers can easily advertise their business/event by paying advertisement fees on the app.

Time savvy for the users

The customers can save their time to reach the preferred location by getting easy access to the map directions on the app.

Beneficial for the Startups

This type of e-directory proves highly beneficial for the startups to help their customers smoothly locate and visit the company/store/event location.

User Management

The app owner or admin can experience hassle-free user management with the customized admin features available on the app to control and manage the payments, listings and other activities on the admin dashboard itself.

Automatic Marketing

The companies, startups, event organizers get all the riches of providing value-added services to their customers, and even the users get easy direction and location access. This makes them recommend the app to their friends and fellow employers and even post it on social media or send an invitation to use the app.

Features for Location-Based Business Directory App Development

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App Development for
Information-Based Business Directory

Finding and digging up information on the leading companies in the industry for your next big project has created a whole new domain of the data-driven directory.

It has digitalized the process of market research, a creation of brand awareness, lead generation, and a sense of confidence among the buyers on their purchasing decisions.

Employees directory, restaurant directory, corporate directory, local healthcare directory, and the list goes on, as there is n number of information-based directories.

Get full fledge details on the information-based directory and how it yields more profits to the app owner.

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The information-based directory is highly used by the startups, SME, large-scale companies and the general public between 20-50 years of age.


The US and UK citizens are more fond of using the information-based directories.


The web and mobile apps based on Android or iOS systems drive lucrative profits with personalized user-friendly app features


The information-based business directories have an equal ratio of usage by the male and female audience.

Premium fees

The employers and the customers are charged fees for using premium services like advanced search, high customization on company profile and much more.

Subscription fees

The users are charged with a fee for monthly/yearly subscription of using the app services

Listing fees

The employers are charged a fee for getting listed on the app to let the customer/user know your company profile.

High-end customizationn

The app features provide customization to employers to enhance their profile and choose the mode of communication. Also, the users can customize on the search options and notification features on the app.

On time project completion

The employers can achieve the set targets for lead generation and brand awareness on time. Also, the users can get the company details and finish off their buying or B2B projects on time.

Live Support

The app owner can provide 24/7 live support to the app users. They can bring forward their queries through the chatbox or customer support feature available on the app. This will even make the users stay more on the app and develop a sense of trust in the app services.

High-quality services

The app owner can concentrate more on the app upgrade and leave the rest on the app users. The employers listed on the app are bound to maintain high quality to generate more leads. While the users maintain quality in giving reviews if they want authentic data in upcoming project requirements.

Features for Information Based Directory App Development

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How your Idea can Impact on the type of Market

Before commencing any app development for Business Directory project, we keep in mind what domain is the web application about and will fit in best for – Review-Based Directory, Location-Based Directory, and Information-Based Directory.

eCommerce Development and Marketplaces impact-of-business-trootech-business-solutions

Impact on Business

With the digital world turning all mobile and wireless, the business directories apps are sensing an increased demand worldwide. People are adopting new and innovative changes in digital directory apps at a very fast pace.

Mobile App Development for Travel Agencies-user-persona-trootech-business-solutions

User Persona

The app users are now becoming high-tech researchers with the advancement in search options available on the business directory apps. Also, the global audience is developing a trust in using the e-directories at large.

Mobile App Development for Travel Agencies-demand-based-marketing-2-trootech-business-solutions

Demand Based Marketing

The app owner gets all the riches of automatic marketing on the app. The employers strive to offer quality services and customers strive to offer quality reviews. Getting high user satisfaction creates a room for users to recommend the app to others and post it on social media tools as well.

Detailed Process of App Development for Business Directory

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